Human-Nonhuman Relationship

16 Series 0 Comments 1337 Views 5 Follows May 31, 2021 BNL73
Links for other novels i like those not listed on novel updates... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 576 Views 0 Follows May 21, 2021 Selviata
BG romance where the MLs are all fish/mermen. Hoho~ Some slightly NSFW scenes sprinkled here and there. R-15+
N Marie
9 Series 0 Comments 863 Views 1 Follows May 19, 2021 N Marie
Vários romances de bl que são simplesmente incríveis
13 Series 2 Comments 5570 Views 23 Follows Apr 12, 2021 solivagantsoul
female MC  and multiple ML's .... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 24922 Views 109 Follows Mar 14, 2021 Fairooz
A list of all my favourite BL / Shounen Ai / Yaoi novels that will melt your heart with It's fluffiness and.......cuteness!!! But good luck... more>>
usagi - chan
46 Series 1 Comments 39043 Views 79 Follows Mar 6, 2021 usagi - chan
Sometimes, when reading a novel, it needs spice of *ahem*bedroom*ahem* life. I know that reading a novel without papapa (well for those who need the spice) are bland. Thus, I compile all my top recommendation novels that has a smut with a plot, to none ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 6470 Views 18 Follows Mar 3, 2021 Yakinori
I'll add all the short novels/one-shots I've read and to read in here including smut ksksksks.... more>>
36 Series 1 Comments 9959 Views 48 Follows Feb 17, 2021 judeiiro
CONTAINS SPOILERS! List of arcs and (maybe) summaries of BL QT arcs. Each arc is 1 paragraph/chunk. I'll **try** to make them as short and crispy as possible but I tend to get wordy with some details >w<")7 You can just treat this as an incomplete list of BL QT novels lol ... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 4157 Views 10 Follows Feb 14, 2021 judeiiro
Meow mew meow meowmeow meow meow meowmeow! ... more>>
grandma YaYa
31 Series 0 Comments 3063 Views 30 Follows Feb 11, 2021 grandma YaYa
Continuing this list
This is a list of completely translated BL novels I plan on reading. Look through and find something to your liking... more>>
grandma YaYa
100 Series 3 Comments 13642 Views 52 Follows Feb 11, 2021 grandma YaYa
This is a list of completely translated BL novels I plan on reading. Look through and find something to your liking. ... more>>
45 Series 1 Comments 5707 Views 20 Follows Feb 3, 2021 AkaneSS
Horror novels that are full of sweetness inside. Will you dare to read them? (^^) Also will add zombies, the end of the world and etc... All BL so don't be surprised... L♥VE U!!! ... more>>
grandma YaYa
100 Series 0 Comments 11023 Views 33 Follows Jan 30, 2021 grandma YaYa
Because of my habit of reading only completely translated novels I track down others novels. If you don’t mind the novel not having compleat translation please find something to your liking... more>>
12 Series 8 Comments 9868 Views 24 Follows Jan 22, 2021 nyxzi
Includes polyandry and smut. Check the comments for more recommendations. I sometimes add novels I found.
44 Series 0 Comments 2194 Views 7 Follows Jan 12, 2021 hummingdancer
Novels I've read that I think deserve a 5/5. A 5/5 for it's OWN genre/type. Completed and in progress.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2626 Views 6 Follows Jan 11, 2021 CKJnovelFANatic
My very favorite nonhuman male leads ♥️
21 Series 1 Comments 6582 Views 28 Follows Dec 12, 2020 ReadEmUp
FL Human protagonist with Monster suitor. Monster as in an actual type of creature not some sort of nickname they picked up. HEADS UP List... more>>
grandma YaYa
100 Series 1 Comments 21217 Views 78 Follows Nov 26, 2020 grandma YaYa
All BL novels I’ve read. Most of them I loved/really really liked, some were fine and some were meh. Just look through and find something... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1911 Views 10 Follows Nov 20, 2020 sararehman
these Bl novels will be quite a variety of different genres, and they all have happy endings so yall can chill in your seats... more>>
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