Weak to Strong

5 Series 0 Comments 31 Views 0 Follows 4 hours ago Vex
Hi, I am a very picky reader and tend to get bored often if the story offers nothing new. I have dropped countless stories halfway through simply because of how much they were stretching it. In short, I prefer stories which don't go over 2000 chapter limit. If it does, it better have a good reason. ... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 569 Views 1 Follows May 24, 2020 Joeto_kimo
No description.
10 Series 5 Comments 730 Views 1 Follows May 22, 2020 CaptainButtshark
Basically where the MC travels between worlds/planes with different species, civilizations and the like. More importantly the worlds have different species, cultures and paths to... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 2304 Views 3 Follows May 20, 2020 VvAnt
Most novel here are what i already read, Many i've still read it while some i drop it.
17 Series 2 Comments 1980 Views 8 Follows May 20, 2020 Ezlord
-no nonsense op mc... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 990 Views 2 Follows May 19, 2020 Peachzy
I read all kinds of genres so this list will contain books that’s happy and fluffy as well as tragedy. Personally, I prefer to read books with completed translations but sometimes I will MTL those that are not. ... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 33972 Views 1 Follows May 18, 2020 weebmando
My favorite picks. Will leave detailed reviews when I have time. I read all day and have no time kek---
9 Series 1 Comments 81982 Views 3 Follows May 18, 2020 wayvanovels
My fav korean action novels over the years
3 Series 0 Comments 301 Views 0 Follows May 16, 2020 trollsten
There are a lot of cultivation series translated nowadays, and the quality varies wildly. I've been reading these for some years now, and since there... more>>
Grand Dao Sixty Nine
95 Series 2 Comments 15049 Views 24 Follows May 16, 2020 Grand Dao Sixty Nine
my personal 10/10 list. i just thought of sharing the type of content i like with everybody.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 668 Views 0 Follows May 12, 2020 liangkelei
BL is the only place that I touch the world of gaming... something about gaming in BL novels is super fun lol.... more>>
36 Series 8 Comments 5933 Views 11 Follows May 8, 2020 zetsuen_dark
Just a humble compilation of KR novels that I read this year. Disclaimer: My thoughts might contradict yours and thus I apologize in advance. Order... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 500 Views 0 Follows May 6, 2020 liangkelei
sure, there's a decent amount of novels in this genre... but among those, how many are really good? featuring idols, actors, and models, oh my!... more>>
9 Series 2 Comments 1590 Views 0 Follows May 5, 2020 GreenTeaBag
Gaming light novels with female protagonist. Mostly OP FL.... more>>
11 Series 3 Comments 2619 Views 9 Follows May 4, 2020 CaptainButtshark
You know the drill. Some otherworldy Gods get mad, dungeons open on Earth. For some reason, South Korea leads the world (lol). Japan is normally the enemy in most of these. It's garbage but we love it.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1296 Views 1 Follows Apr 30, 2020 Chr0nicler
Home to the warrior maidens. Whose union of beauty and cunning can put to shame even the greatest of male heroes.
92 Series 0 Comments 5641 Views 19 Follows Apr 29, 2020 Suranchan
I have a soft spot for naive and oblivious MCs, so here goes my list.... more>>
13 Series 4 Comments 1737 Views 4 Follows Apr 29, 2020 NobilityMe
The selected stories were 1 vs 1. Means NO HAREM because I dislike this kind of genre. I feel violated especially because I'm a girl.... more>>
6 Series 1 Comments 1323 Views 0 Follows Apr 28, 2020 youngmaster-nim
Handpicked by young master-nim to satisfy your fastidious soul.
41 Series 0 Comments 2005 Views 17 Follows Apr 21, 2020 shooter4binghe
by embarrassing i mean the overly clumsy and the ones that misunderstand everything... more>>
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