Ugly to Beautiful

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When you want to read a good novel about cultivation with a beautiful female lead just refer to this list filled with overpowered or weak... more>>
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Lately, I have been obsessed with CN Novels with badass FMCs, so naturally I had to make a list with the ones I've read/reading. Every single novel on this list is worth reading, so rest assured! P.S: I'll add my reviews as I finish reading each novel.... more>>
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Male lead has either obvious or hidden illness/disability/sickness/is dying and this is significant to the plot. Let waifu take care of you! (idk why I love this trope so much). 
Also check out my other list "My Waifu is Sick" for MC's with illness/disabilities... more>>
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Also including average protag. 
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We all have a guilty pleasure for tr*shy novels (or at least most of us). These are tr*shy novels that are good. There is a difference between tr*shy tr*sh and good tr*sh. Good tr*sh are novels that are cliché, tropey, and brainless with little character development, world building, and littered with Mary Sues and Gary Sues. However despite all their flaws, they still catch your attention and are addicting reads. The genres are varied but I do have a preference towards romance. From what I remember, none of these novels are terribly problematic. Don't think too much when you read these, just read and have fun. So come, come find a brainless read here! I hope... more>>
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It includes an eclectic group of novels from all genres - a collection of my absolute complete favs in one spot. This list is more for... more>>
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Smut/ Fluff Novels... more>>
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No NTR (both Netorare and Netorase), High quality Translation, Whether you came here for A great story or Calming down your Accumulated Lust, It's all in here. This list also encourages new R18 readers with Basic Smut to Hardcore Tragedy. Created with no ranking but for you to choose what you want to read and discover your new taste or favorite. If you do enjoy this list just leave your thoughts and I'll do my best to respond to each and everyone. That's all and have fun. ... more>>
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Protagonists are females which are badass to the core for me.