Game Ranking System

2 Series 0 Comments 183 Views 0 Follows May 17, 2022 Brigtter
Korean novels with focus on eSports... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 688 Views 0 Follows May 11, 2022 HushImReading
Just some books I will read soon ^-^... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 985 Views 6 Follows Apr 20, 2022 bluetwister
Mostly about those of e-sports, MMORPG, and virtual reality~
Lin Lat
99 Series 2 Comments 10909 Views 72 Follows Apr 8, 2022 Lin Lat
A Collection of Chinese yaoi and shounen-ai in various genres. All of them are in Alphabet orders not ranked. ... more>>
38 Series 3 Comments 5770 Views 21 Follows Apr 6, 2022 prettysnowball10
I just think they’re neat. And a lot of novels aren’t accurately tagged across the board, so it’s hard to determine whether a novel just... more>>
61 Series 0 Comments 4552 Views 24 Follows Mar 5, 2022 ChanheeChoi
Esports + Gaming + Virtual Reality BL novels... more>>
14 Series 2 Comments 4658 Views 12 Follows Feb 15, 2022 VeeLi
These are novels that, for me, are somewhat similar to Solo Leveling. Most of these will just be similar in the way the world is... more>>
64 Series 0 Comments 6739 Views 35 Follows Jan 15, 2022 Entrop1cally
A collection of novels where the gays play games. A good chunk of these stories have the characters play in e-sports, but not all do. Some of our gay gamers are just casuals, while others don't even play video games but prefer the more traditional games. Any novels where the characters are in the game themselves (transmigration, reincarnation, survival games, etc.) are not included on this list (some exceptions!). ... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 1784 Views 14 Follows Jan 15, 2022 fleur_Hasta
!↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g : modern and ancient  times .°୭ ˎˊ˗↷ novels that gives me chills
50 Series 0 Comments 3959 Views 19 Follows Dec 26, 2021 fleur_Hasta
↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g : modern : ancient times .°୭ ˎˊ˗... more>>
12 Series 1 Comments 4104 Views 4 Follows Nov 4, 2021 D1983
Mainly Korean novels, but can also include Japanese or Chinese novels. I dislike Harems and clingy female characters.... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 1315 Views 6 Follows Oct 16, 2021 thedukeloveskimchi
No description.
44 Series 1 Comments 16370 Views 62 Follows Oct 3, 2021 Lunnear
Novels that have a decent MC involved in either Apocalypse-Setting, Fighting against Monster and or within Dungeon. No Harem allow in this list. BL are Okay :D ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 1248 Views 0 Follows Sep 2, 2021 ignaciaalm
Lista de novelas donde los protagonistas son gamers O la trama transcurre dentro de un mundo de realidad virtual.
3 Series 0 Comments 1987 Views 4 Follows Aug 22, 2021 Kecoa
If you want to read novel with female protagonist and game element + level system setting. I think you can find it in this list. ... more>>
14 Series 1 Comments 6375 Views 18 Follows Aug 12, 2021 mimic
settings: ranker system, fantasy world, and urban fantasy... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 3095 Views 0 Follows Jul 18, 2021 angelhalo224
Well built worlds with good (or at least decent) storylines. These are stories with detailed worlds. These worlds might be based around a game, the future, or fantasy world but all (to some degree) are set in a complex world. Some series on this list include game elements, politics, slow romance, drama, action, and more.... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 9585 Views 7 Follows Jun 20, 2021 matengelem
Here are novels that have a game like setting that I enjoyed reading... I'm still checking out others and if I enjoy them I will... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 776 Views 0 Follows May 10, 2021 books_lie
action! fighting! drama!... more>>
39 Series 0 Comments 9209 Views 32 Follows Apr 24, 2021 crustyturtle
i plan on formatting this later lol also got more stuff to add 
7 Series 1 Comments 1744 Views 0 Follows Apr 3, 2021 Ayumu_Blossom
This is a list with no harem or maybe a bit of harem, but it doesn't have a mc who is a scum or is a pervert.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 3047 Views 5 Follows Mar 30, 2021 Solivagant
For thos who love action-packed/thriller/serious type novel but without much angst
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