9 Series 0 Comments 147 Views 0 Follows Feb 9, 2024 Ceelene
These are the BL's that I'm planning to read next.
24 Series 0 Comments 409 Views 0 Follows Jan 30, 2024 bbsteers
these are some of the best books, and i want to add them so i don’t forget them. combination of gl/bl and some straight books... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 561 Views 5 Follows Jan 23, 2024 tt2005
Mainly BL, fluffly, comedy and not much angst. These are all novels that made a big impression on me and I actually like. I made this list mainly so I can reread them again without going through the trouble of having to find them.... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1183 Views 8 Follows Jan 5, 2024 Allisonmg
Novels with 200+ chapters that I’ve read. I haven’t finished all of them but I have at least started them lol 
97 Series 3 Comments 7530 Views 39 Follows Dec 27, 2023 resepnin
Entertainment/Showbiz Novels... more>>
Zena Chan
8 Series 0 Comments 1017 Views 2 Follows Dec 23, 2023 Zena Chan
All the novels related to virtual reality and mmorpg will be added to this list. Some might be unread or dropped mid ways. But like always, I add all the novels I have mostly read with some unread so that even I can read later and also to help you guys to easy go through the list of similar novels.... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1609 Views 7 Follows Nov 22, 2023 kysbaal
danmei only
13 Series 10 Comments 4278 Views 17 Follows Oct 29, 2023 FlippyFlop
I have extremely specific tastes in stories and this is one of them. Unfortunately its not a very popular genre with a lot of abandoned... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 179 Views 0 Follows Oct 20, 2023 ntww12
Esports related novels with romance.
7 Series 0 Comments 1455 Views 0 Follows Oct 13, 2023 sugar_baby_bitch
A compilation of novels translated by Travis Translations that I am currently reading, planning to read, and have read.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 152 Views 0 Follows Oct 9, 2023 GreenTeaBag
A dump of books that sound like I would read them. However, I can't be bothered at the moment. 
10 Series 0 Comments 528 Views 2 Follows Sep 29, 2023 07wenly
68 Series 1 Comments 5468 Views 28 Follows Sep 16, 2023 AkaYaoke
List of my Read and To-Read novels categorized roughly as Modern Day (minus school life, showbiz)... more>>
100 Series 4 Comments 14615 Views 76 Follows Sep 15, 2023 yorstruly
this list is for the novels that i've finished reading, that you might like and i want to recommend to you (i might include some that i couldn't finish because ...(╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠))... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 3566 Views 13 Follows Sep 3, 2023 kysbaal
danmei only
6 Series 0 Comments 1391 Views 4 Follows Sep 1, 2023 RoseCh
we love women in male dominated industries
7 Series 0 Comments 62 Views 0 Follows Aug 27, 2023 Novelstalker
I'll be putting the BL novels I read in this list that have a gaming essence in it.
61 Series 0 Comments 1251 Views 8 Follows Aug 25, 2023 Novelstalker
I changed the name and removed "my fave" since I've been adding novels that aren't really my fave and just adding those that I've finished reading.... more>>
Mello reading danmei
8 Series 0 Comments 681 Views 1 Follows Aug 19, 2023 Mello reading danmei
Online romance, gamers falling in love, mobile games playing a big role in the story, transmigration into game-like worlds, e-sports references and more.
Mello reading danmei
12 Series 0 Comments 1341 Views 3 Follows Aug 19, 2023 Mello reading danmei
These are my favorite ABO novels. I prefer stories with healthy and respectful relationships, where MCs are not your stereotypical Alpha and Omega, and their love is not based on pheromones and forceful marks. I don't enjoy noncon or dubcon smut. Both parties should be consensual and active participants. Any type of pairing is welcome, but I've mostly read AO.  ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1120 Views 6 Follows Aug 11, 2023 SleepyTy
Novels where the mc and ml meet online. Also for me to keep track of what I completed and what I want to reread.
89 Series 0 Comments 2363 Views 18 Follows Aug 7, 2023 stuffiedlikefoiegras
Shooting games, MMORPGs, and holographic games only. ... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 656 Views 3 Follows Jul 31, 2023 lzlzdum
No heavy plot; minimal angst and Happy ending QuQ
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