Cold Protagonist

6 Series 0 Comments 579 Views 3 Follows May 7, 2022 mimic
just as the list name says. Main characters that actually push the plot forward and don't stall because of annoying cliches like misunderstandings, stubborn sub-villains, romantic love interest sub plot, emotional constipation, etc.... more>>
32 Series 1 Comments 3321 Views 23 Follows Apr 26, 2022 probablyanna80
Novels where the MC/shou is a day one badass.  Using that big brain energy to mentally curb stomp these scum gongs.... more>>
34 Series 0 Comments 3228 Views 8 Follows Apr 18, 2022 MsEliteNEET
Keeping track of newer additions to NU, so that I can MTL them later. These are mostly CN romances set in ancient China. Comedic undertones are always good. Happy endings required.... more>>
24 Series 4 Comments 3182 Views 31 Follows Apr 13, 2022 absenior19
I am searching for novels. Where mc is Cold, Ruthless, Rational, Pragmatic, Evil- if possible.No Romance, No s*upid MC or SIMP [ a big NO NO ]. No need to help others [ why help? ]. He need to be like human being, greedy selfish and so on [ maybe i just wanna see negative emotions or just people with ambitions as they are compared like that mostly ]. I don't wanna read some romance or lover or harem or anything related story. I want it to be fight, schemes,betrayal, a novel where you can see mc is really smart and is using his brain.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 2494 Views 3 Follows Mar 19, 2022 Amatya
Great storyline, Intelligent MC , schemes and conspiracies.
14 Series 0 Comments 1421 Views 0 Follows Mar 12, 2022 Goddessathena
Other reading list maxed out at 100 so here’s another one.
17 Series 0 Comments 4177 Views 8 Follows Mar 8, 2022 JinianXi
I put all the novels that I really enjoyed a lot that I'm willing to give up my sleeping time just for them Lol. Anyway all these novels have no romance/harem tags since they are not my cup of tea.... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 6909 Views 23 Follows Mar 2, 2022 Lowgran
Mostly just strong female protagonists  
38 Series 0 Comments 9691 Views 23 Follows Feb 28, 2022 N.Celeste
I love myself a good, badass fl. There will be reincarnation, reborn, second chance at life or those fl who just masters the art of... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 6266 Views 27 Follows Jan 21, 2022 fleur_Hasta
↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g : historical and modern times .°୭ ˎˊ˗↷
14 Series 2 Comments 2828 Views 17 Follows Jan 16, 2022 elevuhn
fl protags that i'd happily offer my throat to, so that they can choke me
84 Series 2 Comments 22430 Views 106 Follows Jan 13, 2022 stephanie1516
you'll get QT, World hopping, Transmigration, Rebirth, second-chance, and Fluff!!!- eat em up darlings!
21 Series 7 Comments 4865 Views 47 Follows Jan 6, 2022 Walpurga
Here is a list of my favorite action web novels. I really don’t like romance and/or harem in my action focused novels, because it almost always detracts from the plot. So, these action novels have absolutely zero romance or harem. ... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 207 Views 1 Follows Dec 28, 2021 Thatoneasianteadrink
This is for people who don't mind MC having s*x partners or pretending to be in love to reach their goal but still want MC to not actually feel any sense of romantic attachment to the person.... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 1021 Views 3 Follows Dec 27, 2021 solangelo
All novels included here are easy to read and contain lots of drama and face slapping and a smart MC who does 4D chess with... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 5537 Views 24 Follows Dec 17, 2021 TrashBagMan
Some BL novels I've read or about to read that I want to put on a list for organization, most are QT and horror survival... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 3663 Views 6 Follows Dec 9, 2021 suga_minnie
A variety of novels I found to be worth the read. Some are boy love and some are straight love.
11 Series 0 Comments 2768 Views 4 Follows Dec 1, 2021 NovelenthusiastIDK
Basically smart + witty + evil + good + strong, often with a tragic past. I like MC’ s that aren’t good or bad, but... more>>
18 Series 3 Comments 4951 Views 12 Follows Nov 14, 2021 Ichigom
The FL goes through countless reincarnations of the same life, in the same world, making different choices each time.... more>>
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