Forced into a Relationship

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⋆ ˚。⋆୨♡୧⋆ ˚。⋆... more>>
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My personal dump for yandere and crazy manipulative gongs who deserve jail time but are still hot ^-^ 
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angst worth the pain, get your tissue boxes out... more>>
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List of novels that have a toxic relationship with the fl,ml hate the fl while the fl fell in love at the ml for the... more>>
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Like the title said, well mostly it's romcom though, not sure I will add non school life here.... more>>
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novels that irritate the sh*t out of me bc of the mc. ... more>>
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the list where all the small pp mls are ... more>>
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Warning ! Toxic relationship, check tags
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If you’re into dark themes and want a list of dubcon and noncon - this is the list for you. This list isn’t for everybody,... more>>
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WARNING! WARNING!!!! NSFW Novels! Read at your own risk! A LOT of explicit smut and extreme s*x scenes!!!! Read the tags first!!!!... more>>
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Not all of these are flawed per se… or at least not in a sense. What I mean by ‘flawed’ is the story itself has some messed up concepts or plotlines. Well, then why did I make this list if there stories are ‘flawed’? It’s not to tell people to avoid these stories, rather it’s share my personal views on them and encourage people to try and understand the story from a different aspect. I don’t need people to agree with my views and opinions, I just want to encourage open-mindedness and the concept of differing perspectives. ... more>>
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Do you ever wake up from an unknown dream, crying into your pillow? No? Do you want to?... more>>
BL Tea Cafe
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Our recommendations of BL|Yaoi novels that revolve around arranged or forced relationships and/or marriages. 
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My favorite male yandere stories
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List of novels I think are tr*sh and better left unread for the sake of mental health. It's my personal opinion so no offense if... more>>
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Basically smut novel, with or without plot, for your pleasure before going to bed and have a good night sleep
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fake, arranged, flash, forced, contract marriage. Marriage of Convenience, cohabitation, anything forced, etc I'm interested in or like