12 Series 0 Comments 6890 Views 17 Follows Jun 14, 2022 Cattley
List of novels that have a toxic relationship with the fl,ml hate the fl while the fl fell in love at the ml for the... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 2316 Views 1 Follows Mar 23, 2022 camperment
As for the criteria, hm, let's say good plots, good character developments (for both MC and ML/FL), and good romance developments (if there's any)... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 4356 Views 6 Follows Feb 23, 2022 Smallblackcat
this list focus more on traps "the feminine creatures with pp and never needs to be pregnant" but I shall not cover yaio contents, novels... more>>
11 Series 1 Comments 1803 Views 14 Follows Feb 6, 2022 devastatingdance
BL danmei with fem tops because I love them. They must have feminine hobbies/behaviour, crossdress, be mistaken as women, be described as "more beautiful than women" and/or 美人攻 to qualify. No specifications for bottom - they can be manly, cute, average, also pretty, etc.... more>>
71 Series 0 Comments 45195 Views 92 Follows Jan 6, 2022 Wandrer
READ THE TAG! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! NOT FOR faint hearted ppl! Almost no plot. Adult,mature,smut,papapa.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 728 Views 2 Follows Sep 3, 2021 HooliganReader
This is my list of awesome cultivation novels. The list will mainly have: female protagonist (highly likely transmigrated/reborn) + black belliness (or maybe not) +... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1796 Views 7 Follows Aug 13, 2021 Runaway
My favorite novels I have read.  In order of how much I love them, and re-read value.
9 Series 0 Comments 5488 Views 11 Follows Jul 15, 2021 veeazaa
Female Leads (FL) disguised as a man and hide their real gender in order to protect their life, and soon attract the Male Lead (ML)'s... more>>
78 Series 3 Comments 11557 Views 39 Follows Jul 9, 2021 magstralala
New version of the manhwa adaptation list, with new ratings and new comments.... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 6987 Views 13 Follows Jun 23, 2021 09
All stories are exclusively wlw couples. I can assure that the plots of the novels in this list are interesting and wholesome, and the translations... more>>
22 Series 1 Comments 12396 Views 44 Follows May 30, 2021 Cornonthekopp
No description.
21 Series 0 Comments 10413 Views 21 Follows Mar 19, 2021 Jem3710
 female who cross dresses, modern day and historical and all types 
8 Series 0 Comments 3636 Views 2 Follows Feb 17, 2021 Where the eternety meets the void
The femals leads in this leads are known for cross-dressing.
10 Series 2 Comments 4748 Views 10 Follows Feb 17, 2021 anony.artsv
Just dudes being dudes and girls being guys. wait wha-... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 384 Views 0 Follows Jan 19, 2021 Thatoneasianteadrink
Pieces of literature which I worship on the monthly.
Cereal Is Life
8 Series 2 Comments 2998 Views 20 Follows Nov 13, 2020 Cereal Is Life
These are novels that I have completely read or is in the middle of reading with high anticipation. I do not regret reading them but... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 4525 Views 3 Follows Nov 7, 2020 the-legendary-sword-the-mightiest goddess
Take a look...if here is any novel that you will like to read! 
29 Series 2 Comments 7882 Views 36 Follows Sep 21, 2020 YuLicht
No description.
36 Series 0 Comments 10445 Views 35 Follows Sep 20, 2020 PrincessBubblegum
List of good books with independent, badass females or female in male body. A protagonist that needs no man but can have one if they... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 4892 Views 32 Follows Sep 8, 2020 aangtheblender
dude, some of them are my absolute favorite, some are pretty good. give these bad boys a chance. they are in no order whatsoever, I just add more as I read .... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1077 Views 4 Follows Aug 16, 2020 homoloaf
It's all boys love I'm not gonna lie. The title really says it all tbh. This is what I'm currently reading of my reading list.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 4194 Views 11 Follows Jul 30, 2020 Black_Pit
No BL/GL listed,... more>>
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