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7 Series 0 Comments 100 Views 0 Follows Jul 9, 2020 kaesiy
Ongoing easygoing  bl novels that I’m currently reading! They’re all really good reads, especially for when you want to binge smth! Most of the modern... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 232 Views 0 Follows Jul 7, 2020 Icepls
Korean web novels that I am planning to read once I have the time 
11 Series 2 Comments 864 Views 9 Follows Jun 18, 2020 sixk15
Here, we don't want excessive paragraphs of world building or long monologues. NO harem, horror, tragedy, noncon, or mpreg (ew). I like silly but capable... more>>
31 Series 1 Comments 3697 Views 17 Follows May 25, 2020 kasamats
novels that were good enough that i mtl'ed them :')... more>>
52 Series 1 Comments 14067 Views 40 Follows May 12, 2020 seasonheartz
CN and KR novels. BxG. Not all are romance because some are just family fluff (some KR novels). Completed/On-going. Could be thousands of chapters long or literally under 100 chapters. May vary from modern age to historical setting, realistic to rebirth/transmigration. With many schemes to just pure fluff or lack of common sense. Basically all novels I've read dbxvshshbsbs.... more>>
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BxG couples only. Completely translated. List still updating!!
46 Series 0 Comments 6289 Views 20 Follows May 8, 2020 PaigeTheParrot
WARNING!!!!! This list is targeted towards people who may like... more>>
12 Series 2 Comments 1993 Views 5 Follows Apr 24, 2020 Lola2018
Best novels about unrequited love (alert dog blood ahead)... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 4276 Views 8 Follows Apr 16, 2020 andyongie
Novels that involve tragic pasts and second chances be it in historical or modern settings. Characters are usually quick-witted, sharp-tongued and a little bit morally... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 2953 Views 3 Follows Apr 11, 2020 Inayah
Just listing out the ones I have read and liked
22 Series 2 Comments 903 Views 1 Follows Mar 24, 2020 prylx
Noting down my best list. I like feel good, fluffy, slice of life, comedy, face-slapping and most of all HE stories. As long as it has readable translation, i will give it a chance. Not a fan of multiple universe or system thing though. For some reason i still can’t commit to such stories. ... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 860 Views 4 Follows Mar 3, 2020 Soysauce
BL!!! Favorite fun and simple romance stories with no drama or complicated settings, easy to digest and a good laugh.
19 Series 1 Comments 1089 Views 3 Follows Feb 13, 2020 dyodaks
[ chinese bl novels ]
unranked. just novels that are easy to read. 
sushi roll
33 Series 0 Comments 1883 Views 7 Follows Jan 24, 2020 sushi roll
Something to binge read with. All under 500 chapters only. All completely translated.
39 Series 0 Comments 13270 Views 26 Follows Jan 18, 2020 Liune
A female in ancient china (or mortal realm) she is either an Assassin, Doctor, Scholar, Merchant etc. just too overpowered in all kind of senses... or deeply involved in dozen Drama plots and cultivating as fast as light...... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1023 Views 1 Follows Dec 28, 2019 Yuraine
Mainly Slice of Life stories. These stories are light-hearted and doesn't dwell on serious matters for long (when it does, it wounds back to being... more>>
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My list of novels that I've read thru MTL and which I've deemed worthy for the sacrifice of my braincells. These are mostly modern romance... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1646 Views 6 Follows Aug 9, 2019 Yuraine
Most of these novels are about transmigrated and reincarnated women. They are kinda OP (some in luck, intelligence, strength, magic etc.).