26 Series 1 Comments 3244 Views 14 Follows Nov 6, 2022 zellepotch
Collection on feel good, heartwarming and rereadable stories 
88 Series 0 Comments 1712 Views 2 Follows Oct 14, 2022 mc373415
Nobles with manhwa adaptions that were pretty good. Not my favorite of all time but worth the read. 
Book Lover Slytherine
10 Series 2 Comments 1448 Views 0 Follows Oct 10, 2022 Book Lover Slytherine
Hey! Everyone! 10 October novels mean special novels! This date is special to me as it's the day when I first met with my beloved! This is why this list will add my top 10 fav novels of the year every 10 October, so stay tuned!... more>>
Book Lover Slytherine
99 Series 0 Comments 15437 Views 30 Follows Oct 2, 2022 Book Lover Slytherine
Because the first list was full and on huge demand I thought of creating a second list! {Note: Novels that were added on the 1st list will not be added here! So if you came here without seeing the 1st list, Go See that 1st!}... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 7334 Views 23 Follows Sep 25, 2022 Jechan95
Rebirth, transmigration, second chance, cute children, heartwarming, romance, female protagonist 
Book Lover Slytherine
100 Series 9 Comments 30313 Views 84 Follows Sep 17, 2022 Book Lover Slytherine
I'll try to add the novels whom I liked the most and was beautiful. You won't regret reading them cause they're really nice.  This list will include korean, chinese, japanese and other novels. Enjoy reading! ヾ(≧▽≦*)o... more>>
some lemonade
100 Series 0 Comments 2122 Views 5 Follows Aug 25, 2022 some lemonade
Works I've already finished reading or I'm reading. A lot of genres.... more>>
82 Series 0 Comments 6483 Views 9 Follows Jun 17, 2022 Missyinemin
Most of them i already read or i started but not in the end because at that time its still on going or i find... more>>
70 Series 0 Comments 39324 Views 80 Follows Jun 9, 2022 Rhea77
Just fluffy and happy books to read 
3 Series 0 Comments 916 Views 2 Follows May 30, 2022 juliette9059
These are novels that I'm currently reading which are incomplete but still actively being translated. I usually only like reading finished novels, but these are... more>>
Novel Crazy
25 Series 0 Comments 2671 Views 16 Follows May 28, 2022 Novel Crazy
These are the novels that I think you will like it..It maybe calming ,with plots and not much aggressive but you will definitely enjoy.. Sometimes... more>>
Akiya Anand
54 Series 0 Comments 7588 Views 42 Follows May 12, 2022 Akiya Anand
Here's a part 2 continuing all the completed BL works with happily ever after!!!! >.< ... more>>
28 Series 0 Comments 40124 Views 102 Follows Apr 21, 2022 safiraaa23
There’s A LOT explicit smut and extreme scenes… SO PLEASE BE PREPARED!!!!!! read it with your own risk!! ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 5472 Views 8 Follows Apr 12, 2022 Nadiaphi
No description.
30 Series 2 Comments 5530 Views 36 Follows Apr 7, 2022 LadySayuri
Former Title: "The ** Gong & the Shou that was Forced to Marry Him / Stay Married to Him"... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 1863 Views 8 Follows Feb 23, 2022 Alwerien
Completed novels that I find in some way special and consider worth reading again. In no particular order. Both BL and BG mixed. Okay, it's... more>>
13 Series 2 Comments 5656 Views 31 Follows Feb 16, 2022 Sista777
100 Series 0 Comments 30437 Views 99 Follows Feb 9, 2022 bigteddybear
stuff ill probably read once they update more-- although I've only read some of them, they are all romance (mostly shoujo, not smut lol) but the covers look sweeter than candy~... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 8189 Views 10 Follows Feb 7, 2022 icegreentea
these are straight books that i enjoyed a lot while reading it. Also all books based by my own likes.... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 6320 Views 18 Follows Jan 3, 2022 coolcat_neko
You want to extra onions to make you cry? This is your get-to-go novel.
16 Series 5 Comments 6092 Views 22 Follows Jan 1, 2022 Leesonghwa
Some of the best Novels I’ve ever read, complete with a little review <3
95 Series 1 Comments 48252 Views 152 Follows Dec 30, 2021 erynalu
Suddenly having husband, children, etc. 
Whether due to transmigration or by situation outside MC control.... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 1891 Views 7 Follows Dec 29, 2021 fleur_Hasta
↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g :  modern times .°୭ ˎˊ˗↷
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