Bickering Couple

37 Series 0 Comments 254 Views 1 Follows Aug 8, 2022 xiaoyigege
7 Series 0 Comments 410 Views 2 Follows Aug 6, 2022 koco2018
Yup, this is a list of novels that nearly killed me.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 512 Views 0 Follows Aug 2, 2022 Avid111
Bl novels that I think are top tier (with descriptions)... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 516 Views 2 Follows Jul 17, 2022 HeenaReadNovels
bl novels where cut-throat enemies which are determined to kill each other, become lovers, in manner where they can't let anyone even say bad words... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 1617 Views 11 Follows Jul 11, 2022 Psychoutre
Constantly looking for BL protagonists that are not likened to a female. Otherwise I would have read about heterosexuals! Long live shous that don't have the typical feminine appearance/persona... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1344 Views 3 Follows Jun 11, 2022 lainwindow
No description.
69 Series 0 Comments 4184 Views 4 Follows May 7, 2022 mangsiao_
contains my favourite novels and some novels I don't really like but still added it since some people might like to read it.
37 Series 1 Comments 2383 Views 3 Follows Mar 30, 2022 Starrams
when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend
40 Series 0 Comments 4605 Views 16 Follows Feb 24, 2022 YouToon
A list of books whose descriptions or reviews interested me. I will read eventually. These are a mash up of sub genres with LGBTQ leads.This... more>>
44 Series 0 Comments 2558 Views 9 Follows Feb 24, 2022 YouToon
A list of books whose descriptions or reviews interested me. I will read eventually. These are romances mostly set in a modern (last 50ish years) setting. Mash up different sub genres.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 1535 Views 2 Follows Jan 26, 2022 passionfruit
novels for when i just need to fill my brain. 
16 Series 0 Comments 95 Views 0 Follows Jan 17, 2022 soilove
My favorite Strategic Couples / OTPS / Power Couples/ CPs (Entertainment World) / Car friends *wink* from completed or ongoings I’m current on. This list is all over the place like my brain. Some are angst (I love xianxia / mystery) others are romance / light reads to cure the torment and torture I put my brain through for love. But I enjoyed them so much they deserved a place on this list.... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 577 Views 0 Follows Jan 14, 2022 Starrams
If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.
My Bangs Look Bad
68 Series 6 Comments 6909 Views 51 Follows Jan 9, 2022 My Bangs Look Bad
A series of BL novels with varying plots and subgenres! Fluff, unlimited flow, xianxia, historical, quick transmigration, transmigration, supernatural, slow romance, comedy, mature (in terms of thinking and actions), etc. ... more>>
84 Series 0 Comments 3576 Views 8 Follows Dec 23, 2021 1892000sam
Novels i adore
27 Series 0 Comments 9653 Views 30 Follows Dec 5, 2021 sheenachandrab
A collection of warm novels with zero toxicity that will act as a respite for your lonely heart, cure your depression and restore your faith... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 787 Views 2 Follows Nov 29, 2021 Rex_002
Historical Danmei that I absolutely love beyond everything. Action, a lil bit drama, mystery and most importantly Intelligent Characters hahaha
59 Series 1 Comments 4891 Views 23 Follows Nov 14, 2021 Yume8018
So slow that it will make your heart ache by just reading a line of accidental skinship.... more>>
43 Series 2 Comments 7511 Views 18 Follows Oct 30, 2021 Nisawastaken
Found in the tag :p
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