Ruthless Protagonist

24 Series 0 Comments 1611 Views 7 Follows May 9, 2022 Vudude
Good stuff I've read. No BL/GL or smut.
6 Series 4 Comments 518 Views 1 Follows May 7, 2022 bloggbigg
A list of stories with main characters who range from selfish and socially awkward to just plain flat-out jerks. Sometimes the author tries to hide it, other times they show off with shoddy justifications.... more>>
32 Series 1 Comments 3300 Views 23 Follows Apr 26, 2022 probablyanna80
Novels where the MC/shou is a day one badass.  Using that big brain energy to mentally curb stomp these scum gongs.... more>>
24 Series 4 Comments 3173 Views 31 Follows Apr 13, 2022 absenior19
I am searching for novels. Where mc is Cold, Ruthless, Rational, Pragmatic, Evil- if possible.No Romance, No s*upid MC or SIMP [ a big NO NO ]. No need to help others [ why help? ]. He need to be like human being, greedy selfish and so on [ maybe i just wanna see negative emotions or just people with ambitions as they are compared like that mostly ]. I don't wanna read some romance or lover or harem or anything related story. I want it to be fight, schemes,betrayal, a novel where you can see mc is really smart and is using his brain.... more>>
11 Series 5 Comments 2846 Views 21 Follows Apr 4, 2022 Justie
No description.
15 Series 1 Comments 1501 Views 8 Follows Mar 27, 2022 mimic
Our lovely protagonists giving some divine karma back to the green tea b*tches, white lotuses, and haters in their lives ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡... more>>
13 Series 6 Comments 6821 Views 10 Follows Mar 13, 2022 MakotoSenpai
Mc who are Chad, f*ck their harem, do sexual abuse
4 Series 0 Comments 1299 Views 15 Follows Feb 24, 2022 earlydiaries
ranked from the most satisfying and biggest W for mc to least satisfying, or barely scratching the revenge itch.... more>>
14 Series 1 Comments 4632 Views 3 Follows Feb 6, 2022 BattleMage69
Western style fantasy novels w/ great protagonist and great world building.... more>>
24 Series 3 Comments 9319 Views 74 Follows Jan 19, 2022 kaitokeiii_
I intended to make this list to compile novels I liked that has Strong Female Leads but I also like Powerful Male Leads so added that as well hehe.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 162 Views 0 Follows Jan 12, 2022 JHuaaa
the suffering of side characters brings me joy
39 Series 1 Comments 4465 Views 6 Follows Dec 6, 2021 opside
other good novels from other websites:... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 4272 Views 4 Follows Nov 28, 2021 D E X T E R
Mc is a cunning man when it comes to schemes and conspiracies
18 Series 4 Comments 8310 Views 13 Follows Oct 21, 2021 Daresan
These are novels that i have read and enjoyed, I dont know if you will enjoy them but they are very good in this genre
37 Series 10 Comments 24377 Views 63 Follows Oct 11, 2021 Peetle
Overpowered MCs are a dime a dozen, but most turn out to be cringeworthy edgelords or beta simps. Here's a compilation of the best badasses to take you on a wild power trip.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 6475 Views 7 Follows Oct 9, 2021 AbrilGM
Best action adventure novels with ruthless MC with little almost nothing romance
5 Series 0 Comments 1823 Views 9 Follows Oct 4, 2021 riida
A list of worthwhile titles with at least one brilliant aspect, making them far more memorable than almost everything else around here, but at the same time one glaring fault, which stops them from entering my "Above And Beyond All" list.... more>>
Raw man
24 Series 12 Comments 10831 Views 47 Follows Sep 13, 2021 Raw man
For all the dark-themed novel lovers, Who are tired of those Plot armor Mc, who are almost brain-dead and use their lower body to do the thinking. This list will give you an entry to some fine dark novels. ... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 4367 Views 20 Follows Aug 25, 2021 Realvnv
Most has "possessive" tag lmao it'd be boring without it.... more>>
40 Series 1 Comments 8526 Views 5 Follows Jul 30, 2021 asianMekai
Mainly cultivation novels with some being modern/future and magic world.
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