6 Series 0 Comments 430 Views 0 Follows Feb 21, 2024 Sean134
Stories about showbiz (idol, actor, celeb). Currently read or already read
42 Series 1 Comments 4559 Views 30 Follows Jan 23, 2024 blup96
List for novels that focused on the daily life and the struggles of male idols. Include no romance and BL novels.
16 Series 0 Comments 2063 Views 8 Follows Jan 17, 2024 cosmicpeach
All of the showbiz novel that I've read 
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
9 Series 2 Comments 1488 Views 1 Follows Jan 13, 2024 Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Novels about actors, artists, singers, idols, etc. progressing through the entertainment industry.
But only the ones I've read and liked.... more>>
49 Series 0 Comments 5828 Views 37 Follows Jan 8, 2024 Kakipii13
Stories about idols, actors, singers, dancers, and others from entertainment circle-style novels. Every item on the list is a series that I have already read or am planning to read.... more>>
86 Series 1 Comments 9800 Views 37 Follows Jan 3, 2024 xxsan
Novels about entertainment industry (focus more on career instead of romance)... more>>
96 Series 3 Comments 8149 Views 45 Follows Dec 27, 2023 resepnin
Entertainment/Showbiz Novels... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 5624 Views 9 Follows Dec 23, 2023 Jmtrn96
List of modern day romances I would recommend to a friend
9 Series 0 Comments 1079 Views 0 Follows Dec 19, 2023 Treesa
Stories about becoming a celebrity; whether through singing, acting, or streaming!... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2499 Views 20 Follows Dec 19, 2023 Katherr
BL KR novels Page Turners (once you start you cant stop reading) —[in no particular orders 
65 Series 0 Comments 6621 Views 10 Follows Nov 5, 2023 cosmicpeach
My WTR and CR from Nov 2023 to 2024.... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 2541 Views 13 Follows Nov 3, 2023 girlwithabrokensmile
Hi friends! These are some of the stories I just can't get enough reading and re- reading. Most probably majority of them are [BxG] CN and KN with the occassional JN set in the historical and modern times. May or may not have fantasy themes of transmigration, reincarnation, etc. May or may not also include smut and spice. Please check the tags for more info. Enjoy! ~... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 3085 Views 17 Follows Nov 3, 2023 girlwithabrokensmile
Hi friends! Here are some of my CN and KN modern romances [BxG] guilty pleasure. Usually stories with domineering rich CEOs snd their fierce and cute wives. May or may not have fantasy themes transmigration, reincarnation, etc. May or may not also include some smut and spice. Please check tags for additional ideas. Enjoy!~... more>>
41 Series 1 Comments 11508 Views 42 Follows Oct 21, 2023 feefiefofairy
Not in any particular order and stories with little to no romance. 
7 Series 0 Comments 2130 Views 1 Follows Oct 19, 2023 AetherRaid
Faceslapping, movie queens and kings, rise to stardom
14 Series 0 Comments 2145 Views 1 Follows Oct 6, 2023 frozie
MCs who join variety shows
Mello reading danmei
17 Series 0 Comments 2050 Views 6 Follows Sep 12, 2023 Mello reading danmei
Stories where at least one of the MCs is part of the entertainment circle in some way. 
60 Series 0 Comments 15082 Views 27 Follows Sep 10, 2023 Sury
BG | Chinese| Complete| Ongoing 
28 Series 0 Comments 6213 Views 18 Follows Sep 7, 2023 Www_e
Anyone who is interested in reading the novels of the entertainment industry or actors, popular characters then, this list has definitely been made for you! ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 3326 Views 8 Follows Aug 28, 2023 Stormanqell7
there is no ranking... more>>
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