Clever Protagonist

2 Series 0 Comments 14 Views 1 Follows 6 hours ago Goblinslate
Novels translated by Goblin at Goblinslate.
10 Series 0 Comments 239 Views 1 Follows 19 hours ago LoneNomad
Most of the novels I've read ever since I started reading novels.
Indelible Faith
6 Series 0 Comments 110 Views 1 Follows Jan 23, 2022 Indelible Faith
Cnovels that are fun to read over and over again.... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 299 Views 1 Follows Jan 22, 2022 aymi03
MC who study for better future or change her fate after being reborn/transmigrated.
5 Series 0 Comments 264 Views 0 Follows Jan 20, 2022 AlthaKhalee
This is a list of Korean novels that I have read and the list will be in order from the best by me. 
9 Series 0 Comments 299 Views 0 Follows Jan 20, 2022 NovelenthusiastIDK
My favorites from the genre, the order does matter
20 Series 0 Comments 455 Views 1 Follows Jan 18, 2022 Issis
Drama, Xianxia, xuanhuan, mystery, supernatural, historical, ancient times, etc etc
12 Series 1 Comments 496 Views 8 Follows Jan 16, 2022 elevuhn
fl protags that i'd happily offer my throat to, so that they can choke me
30 Series 0 Comments 2201 Views 3 Follows Jan 14, 2022 Salomeh
Highly rated BG stories that have caught my eye. This is my TBR list, it isn't in any particular order, I just add them as I find them. I will update this list as I finish reading novels and move them to my completed list only if they are amazing. ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 216 Views 0 Follows Jan 14, 2022 solticube
It'll happen in a few chapters or so. ... more>>
3 Series 1 Comments 391 Views 1 Follows Jan 14, 2022 AlthaKhalee
So I created this list of novels that I have read and have male MC. Sorry fellas, not BL ones and no harem. 
18 Series 0 Comments 357 Views 0 Follows Jan 11, 2022 Salomeh
BL novels that seem interesting and have a high rating. This is my TBR list, I will update as I finish reading novels and move them to my completed list only if they are amazing. ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1937 Views 2 Follows Jan 10, 2022 noveldevotee
What is sleep? Can you read it? If not, then scram!
My Bangs Look Bad
60 Series 2 Comments 4194 Views 25 Follows Jan 9, 2022 My Bangs Look Bad
A series of BL novels with varying plots and subgenres! Fluff, unlimited flow, xianxia, historical, quick transmigration, transmigration, supernatural, slow romance, comedy, mature (in terms of thinking and actions), etc. ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 763 Views 4 Follows Jan 9, 2022 Daisiesfordaze
These are the stories, relationships, and characters I can’t stop thinking about, obsessing over, re-reading, and falling in love with over and over again.... more>>
14 Series 1 Comments 1507 Views 17 Follows Jan 6, 2022 Walpurga
Here is a list of my favorite action web novels. I really don’t like romance and/or harem in my action focused novels, because it almost always detracts from the plot. So, these action novels have absolutely zero romance or harem. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 831 Views 1 Follows Dec 28, 2021 susano
Novels i liked reading
4 Series 0 Comments 403 Views 4 Follows Dec 28, 2021 3ternal_3lixir
Everything on this list I've actually read, but all opinions are my own-- I may love something that you hate or vice versa, it's whatever. I despise weak Shou and over-possessive Gong, so there isn't gonna be a lot of that (except... damn, most of the Gongs in BL are over-possessive yandere f*ckers).... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 4790 Views 9 Follows Dec 24, 2021 samuefire
Novels that are worth wasting your life on, from God-tier to tr*sh-tier.... more>>
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