Lack of Common Sense

100 Series 0 Comments 4695 Views 3 Follows Mar 10, 2024 Endsky
roughly sorted in order of enjoyment... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1316 Views 7 Follows Jun 7, 2023 Hippotato
This one is limited to my favorites. Not all tags apply to each but there are patterns in what i like. If you got something for me write it in the comments. I am always looking for stuff (((o(*゚∀゚*)o)))... more>>
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i don't know if it's worth reading only you'll know it's worth your time
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Good novels that you’ll find on the series ranking and underrated gems.
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Yup, this is a list of novels that nearly killed me.... more>>
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This is a list of some of my favorite stories from across many genre.
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In this list, all MCs have the name [Kim] and they don't treasure their lives in the slightest.
16 Series 3 Comments 8824 Views 13 Follows Mar 17, 2021 VBS
Don't even try to keep up with theses protagonists. Their way of doing things is so far out of the norm that common sense is... more>>
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fluff, humor , coughhhh and antagonizing slow burn !!!
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 *RIP Me* Cause of Death: Too much Fluff. All novels I liked with animals and fluff
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These novels have overpowered main characters that use their abilities without regarding the common sense of the world. Some are completely oblivious to the fact... more>>
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Ml that make u not just smile or exhale through ur nose in amus**ent but lol when the ML makes jokes gags or insults and... more>>
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Females who've transmigrated into cultures that view the way they act as absolutely crazy/scandalous. Or better yet transmigrated women that actually are a little crazy.
18 Series 4 Comments 13140 Views 31 Follows Sep 9, 2019 VBS
List of JP Isekai WNs & LNs that are fun to read.
I like stories about protagonists who defy common sense, but aim for a fun and/or easygoing life in another world.... more>>
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A list of stories with female protagonist doing their own things. JP novels only.
I always update it as I read something new. If you have recommendation just say it.... more>>