First-time Interc**rse

18 Series 3 Comments 124 Views 1 Follows Jun 14, 2024 Strictly_nsfw_Business
Dirty, kinky, degenerate, moral collapse, shameful, reincarnate me as a succubus. Hahaha I'm kidding.... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 613 Views 1 Follows May 14, 2024 juststuff
Just filled with madly in love gongs that will do anything to be with their shous, basically wife chasing crematorium along with painful yet interesting... more>>
67 Series 0 Comments 2372 Views 15 Follows May 13, 2024 LaurenEiffy
A bunch of Yaoi that I want to read! I like plot+smuts, so it’s a lot of that in this list. 18+ (4.0 and higher).    ★~(◠‿◕✿)... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2720 Views 5 Follows May 3, 2024 jadddee
I love reading novels with school background, innocent Fl and wolf ML ...... more>>
67 Series 0 Comments 4297 Views 39 Follows Apr 16, 2024 illi25
part 2~ ... more>>
100 Series 1 Comments 7685 Views 68 Follows Apr 16, 2024 illi25
The mc and ml are each other's first love as well as sexual/intimate partners.No past relationships .No dogblood plot. No toxic and scummy characters. Some might have mpreg but others dont. Has a beautiful fairytale like romance or rather the kind that makes you not loose hope on pure , true love!^^ The books have virg*n ml and MC which is either directly mentioned through narration or through  character delivery or is vaguely mentioned from other party perspective . I have verified all the above standards strictly. Especially the first love tag ^^... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 311 Views 2 Follows Apr 14, 2024 Karmic_debt
These is my personal list of bl novels that I’ve read completely. Normally it’s very hard for me to complete a story bc I get... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 584 Views 4 Follows Apr 5, 2024 Allisonmg
MC and ML do bed exercises before falling in love ... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 275 Views 1 Follows Apr 2, 2024 FeatherHawthorn425
All BL Novel with Happy Ending! 
33 Series 1 Comments 4542 Views 42 Follows Mar 31, 2024 Justmepassingby
In longer terms: Couples who doesn't shy away from physical intimacy. Whether it be s*x or just casual touches hehe.... more>>
62 Series 0 Comments 2511 Views 22 Follows Mar 18, 2024 Hari2707
I have read many bl novels some of them i liked and some i didnt and some i dropped mid way even though they have good ratings and reviews. Im very picky about what i read only novels with unique characters , special storylines with characters who have depth and are remembarable and people who atleast know consent and personal space , respecting boundaries with no red flags , no dub con , no r*pe , no yandere only can sastisfy me.... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 858 Views 4 Follows Mar 8, 2024 appletatiana
No description.
71 Series 0 Comments 26169 Views 46 Follows Feb 28, 2024 Rhea77
Smut and only smut senseless plot basically hentai in text 
100 Series 1 Comments 15816 Views 139 Follows Feb 8, 2024 Missjayrayg
See title lol ;) ... more>>
57 Series 1 Comments 6036 Views 48 Follows Feb 7, 2024 Missjayrayg
My top bl novels and what I enjoyed about them :) Also its mostly based of vibes and if I liked them. List will only have completed novels that have been fully translated.  Also look at the tags of the novels. I am pretty much fine with anything, so my chosen novels can go to two extremes- sweet to dark. ... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 8248 Views 43 Follows Jan 3, 2024 sirennoir
12 Series 0 Comments 1380 Views 0 Follows Jan 1, 2024 sadaharuhi
Bl novels that you wont regret reading.
55 Series 0 Comments 5667 Views 17 Follows Dec 26, 2023 Talaastrid
There are no specific description for this one. But I've read all of them and I like it.  
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