First-time Intercourse

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My list... (ノ∇≦*)... more>>
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Roughly did the ranking... more>>
Apaylia blackrose
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Drizzling chemistry, Hot steamy smexy scenes between leads sexually loyal to each other. 
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Adding and removing novels for echi stuff comment any adds or stuff you think I should remove 
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Yaoi, fluff, smut, heart melting, sweet, sometimes with a few tears to shed but 99% HE!! (I avoid tragic ending as much as possible.) List not in order. Constantly updated as I read more and more BL (◕‿◕✿)
Highly recommended reads : 'Deep in the Act', 'The Rental Shop Owner',  'Assistant Architect', 'The Founder of Diabolism', 'Heaven Official's Blessing', 'Haka No Naka'.  ... more>>
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Well females can enjoy this too, but these are novels designed around a male audience in mind
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This List will include the novels that I have enjoyed throughout the years. It includes Japanese, Chinese and Korean.... more>>
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Snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu snu... more>>
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All the great BL stories I find. ♥️ Please feel free to add suggestions as I’m always looking for new stories to read! ... more>>
Mafia Lady
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Hot and Smut Novel With Lots Of s*x Snu Snu. FMC Sleeping With Many Hot Handsome Guys.
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List is for str8s, that spares you from Author-san's magical realms.... more>>