Brother Complex

20 Series 0 Comments 2615 Views 8 Follows Feb 26, 2024 Suibian_bc
Only Chinese , Smut with plots. Mostly 1v1... more>>
34 Series 1 Comments 7031 Views 54 Follows Feb 21, 2024 fishpreg
anything along the lines of. biological, inseki (step, adopted, and other non-blood related family members), pseudo, and so on.
may also include side-character relationships.
use... more>>
70 Series 0 Comments 10766 Views 65 Follows Nov 23, 2023 Myasshurts3000
So I've read a lot of complicated love triangles, abusing and sick relationship. There were also good ones that was very depressing and tragic. Healing... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1354 Views 3 Follows Jul 16, 2023 autumnjin
The ones that I feel need more reach and need to be read by people. ... more>>
Drink a little more
14 Series 0 Comments 14290 Views 35 Follows Jun 16, 2023 Drink a little more
in*est smut plays.... more>>
43 Series 0 Comments 5822 Views 40 Follows Jun 13, 2023 WI.J
*NOT RANKED*... more>>
64 Series 0 Comments 6607 Views 36 Follows Feb 13, 2023 Shuxien
So you already know what's on this list. Don't forget to check part 1! ... more>>
Mama Cayna
13 Series 0 Comments 7387 Views 16 Follows Nov 12, 2022 Mama Cayna
These are the best recommendations of novels about life of the wholesome family in the fantasy world
18 Series 0 Comments 9500 Views 38 Follows May 6, 2022 lanixw
all the geges and their didis :) ... more>>
Mama Cayna
10 Series 0 Comments 4739 Views 13 Follows Apr 21, 2022 Mama Cayna
As Japanese novels generally contain brocon / siscon as a spice for the story. However, these novels are quite heartwarming regarding the meaning of family life.... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 16518 Views 100 Follows Mar 4, 2022 Shuxien
Heya , I'm here with Harem Chinese Bl background, Check it out . If you interested, don't forget to check my other list\(^o^)/
100 Series 10 Comments 25165 Views 151 Follows Feb 20, 2022 Shuxien
Hey allys this is just bromance, Shounen-ai and yaoi, no harem and gurl b*tchies !!!! (IMPORTANT: I WILL ALWAYS UPGRADE THIS LIST,SO DON'T MISS IT!!)... more>>
31 Series 27 Comments 21385 Views 118 Follows Feb 15, 2022 Shuxien
Just bromance, boys love,and Shounen-ai . This is not the place for anti gei people!!! I WILL ALWAYS ADD NEW NOVEL IF I FOUND ANOTHER... more>>
20 Series 3 Comments 13101 Views 68 Follows Feb 8, 2022 remyrem
This list is a compilation of webnovels where the FL and ML are technically family members, but are not biologically related. I want to make this a comprehensive list of fake in*est webnovels, so I will be ignoring the rating and just including a basic summary of what kind of "fake in*est" the plot falls under.... more>>
Kenji Kazama
18 Series 0 Comments 4708 Views 12 Follows Nov 9, 2021 Kenji Kazama
I like the story about brother and sister love, I think brother and sister love is very interesting.
94 Series 0 Comments 4993 Views 6 Follows Aug 25, 2021 Rue-Rye
abuse, abuse! these are the novels I've finished/still/stop reading... list I'd seen/check.
35 Series 0 Comments 11203 Views 25 Follows Mar 17, 2021 Peerly
Bc I’m in the mood to read some fantasy siscon brocon novels ❤️ Comment any suggestions you have that I should add (:
23 Series 0 Comments 1614 Views 2 Follows Jan 9, 2021 Bearu
This list simply contains novels I'm currently reading. Most of these will probably contain reincarnation novels, transmigration novels, etc. 
6 Series 0 Comments 2805 Views 7 Follows Dec 7, 2020 narixems
siscon brothers that sometimes make me wish my brother wasn't a block of wood </3 ... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 2546 Views 5 Follows Nov 5, 2020 OracleDutchess
List In Order of Planned Translating Completion - (Only Looking for Bro/Siscon to Work On)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 2040 Views 4 Follows May 12, 2020 theliongirl
among the treacherous backstabbers, schemers, and abusive relatives that fiction is rife with, here you'll find those rare good people that care about their children,... more>>
88 Series 1 Comments 22132 Views 58 Follows Sep 1, 2019 Flowersherbet
Haven't read all of them... Just stashing up BLs that are recommended to read!!! The ones I've read or am reading, I will write reviews... more>>
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