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No NTR (both Netorare and Netorase), High quality Translation, Whether you came here for A great story or Calming down your Accumulated Lust, It's all in here. This list also encourages new R18 readers with Basic Smut to Hardcore Tragedy. Created with no ranking but for you to choose what you want to read and discover your new taste or favorite. If you do enjoy this list just leave your thoughts and I'll do my best to respond to each and everyone. That's all and have fun. ... more>>
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Most novel here are what i already read, Many i've still read it while some i drop it.
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As the title says... more>>
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Read these novels when you feel bored, & harems are not so annoying, sometimes it makes sense...... more>>
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Novels That I Read In Four Years and My Opinion!.
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My top novels. Low-key mainstream with generic rinse and repeat plot points but w/e. Still love the genre and writing style. 
Start date: April 2019
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These harem manga must try... more>>
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The Best and most Entertaining CN Novels.... more>>
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This List will include the novels that I have enjoyed throughout the years. It includes Japanese, Chinese and Korean.... more>>
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Well~ this my list of novel that i already read.....some good, some bad, some become good another become bad.  ... more>>
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Stories where the main character is not a virgin. This list was created to highlight stories with an MC who manages to take a relationship... more>>
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These novels have an urban setting and will be chinese webnovels. Typically it will include wuxia/xuahhuan elements. Some might even involve xinxia elements. They will... more>>
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Sorted by the size of the Harem.... more>>
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Are you just like me who is tired reading those harem stories where MC always acts so dense that it gets on your nerves and... more>>
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List of the best Chinese harem novels with an OP protagonist. All novel on this list are completed but you will have to use machine translation website (LNMTL) to read the rest of the untranslated chapter.... more>>
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Ero-Novels for everyone
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Harem/Polygamy novels with P L O T , large selection of waifus & a story worth your time. (May contain OP MC) 
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Where mc has innumerable women. That make you doesn't even bother to remember their name. Even the author didn't mentioning about them again in the... more>>