Possessive Characters

40 Series 1 Comments 4136 Views 18 Follows Jan 13, 2020 Luvrin
The title says all 'ml pursues/ loves the mc' type of novels ... more>>
11 Series 1 Comments 2331 Views 13 Follows Jan 8, 2020 Anasthesia
Yandere ML, Love Interest Falls In Love First, BG. Honestly, if you want a yandere and possessive ML and can’t get triggered at the toxicity,... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 1721 Views 0 Follows Dec 13, 2019 paparate
Can't get enough of these dog blood novels.
9 Series 0 Comments 972 Views 1 Follows Dec 2, 2019 otpsfloat
MC is [F], usually OP ML is [M], is OP
20 Series 6 Comments 13940 Views 33 Follows Nov 30, 2019 arius27
Novels with posessive/obsessed/yandere male character cuz why not?
18 Series 0 Comments 627 Views 1 Follows Nov 26, 2019 zestylemon
binged read and enjoyed — mostly possessive characters/yandere + transmigration, occasionally humour lol
15 Series 0 Comments 4774 Views 11 Follows Nov 24, 2019 lizanika
in no particular order
82 Series 0 Comments 43609 Views 95 Follows Nov 23, 2019 Sharmin
No yaoi.... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 1543 Views 2 Follows Nov 21, 2019 aenrea88
Finished reading, been reading and might reread in the future. Only those which I had fun reading. And have a happy ending.
64 Series 2 Comments 46632 Views 145 Follows Oct 31, 2019 TheEthicalCorrupt
Welcome to the dark side~... more>>
Honey B
22 Series 0 Comments 1736 Views 1 Follows Oct 23, 2019 Honey B
Completed Romances that don't f*cking suck, but don't win more than 3 stars in my mind. H*ll, read for yourself, you might like them better... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 3498 Views 11 Follows Sep 21, 2019 infireation
It’s hard for me to really love a series to be honest so I’ll probably only add the ones that I would read over and over again.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 4613 Views 10 Follows Sep 13, 2019 Choclairs
Just as the title stated. Here’s where I listed ML from BL novel that is possessive toward their love interest the protagonist. ... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 5863 Views 10 Follows Sep 13, 2019 housyspecial
BL novels with emphasis on emotions first, then plot, or combination. Main characters are all likable, either cute, funny, seductive, intelligent, or just pure and... more>>
56 Series 0 Comments 274 Views 0 Follows Sep 7, 2019 Ashurey
Sistemas, transmigraciones, renacimientos, reencarnaciones, ML posesivo, Esposo Inmortal, y todo lo similar a lo anterior... :v... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 21662 Views 75 Follows Sep 4, 2019 Sakuramae23
Novels that are sugary sweet and intense with borderline obsessive, crazy characters. ... more>>
68 Series 1 Comments 14795 Views 44 Follows Sep 1, 2019 Flowersherbet
Haven't read all of them... Just stashing up BLs that are recommended to read!!! The ones I've read or am reading, I will write reviews... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 4932 Views 16 Follows Aug 13, 2019 mochispinky
As the title goes, I love BL novels with possessive and obsessive ML. However, the bottom line is, they do NOT venture into destructive nature. ... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 19102 Views 97 Follows Aug 12, 2019 Nichiko
Novels that I've enjoyed. Some are fluffy, some are angsty, and some are just plain weird. I do apologize.   Oh, by the way, the novels are not in a specified category (eg. World Hopping, Transmigration, Reincarnation, and etc.) Not in order, Will update when needed.... more>>
11 Series 2 Comments 9477 Views 32 Follows Aug 10, 2019 Aytise
When the Mc is supposed to carry on tasks in the story and ends up smarter and more attractive than the female lead, thus seducing... more>>
82 Series 3 Comments 69663 Views 249 Follows Aug 9, 2019 TopMagicianX
Collection of light novels with Male Yanderes who are crazy for the main character.... more>>
Alina Moktan
77 Series 0 Comments 38388 Views 186 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Alina Moktan
This is all newly translated good romance korean novel. Fantasy, Otome Game, Villianess Noble Lady, Yandere Male Lead..
39 Series 6 Comments 59222 Views 192 Follows Aug 7, 2019 inori-chii
*sigh* Some of my descriptions were half-deleted. How? Beats me.... It'll take time before I put them back... more>>
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