Possessive Characters

5 Series 0 Comments 554 Views 1 Follows May 28, 2020 Meghanavs
As an avid BL fan of 12 years, here are my favorite recent BL books 
89 Series 2 Comments 13083 Views 66 Follows May 17, 2020 Serena11
If you want to look for books with romance theme and has been fully translated then these will be good starting list.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2227 Views 5 Follows May 15, 2020 Faqiha
Books with male leads that are possessive and jealous. Some are straight couples (boy x girl) and some are gay couples (boy x boy). 
Lala Harlyn
29 Series 0 Comments 2572 Views 15 Follows May 10, 2020 Lala Harlyn
Complete// My cup of tea T_T // just made my heart melted // crying // All genre with ML fall in love head over heels... more>>
72 Series 0 Comments 8405 Views 46 Follows May 10, 2020 Roro97
Possessive and Obsessive ML ( -_-) Some might be twisted - BL)
5 Series 0 Comments 446 Views 0 Follows May 8, 2020 tara
Novels that are not yet finished, but are looking great. 
42 Series 8 Comments 9212 Views 64 Follows May 7, 2020 ponkansuits
don't you just hate it whenever you got transmigrate in a novel? especially a bl one? the feeling of adapting to a foreign place, with a golden finger- a whiny useless system? with your top notch acting skills, trying to not get killed but everyone falls in love with you suddenly? every single damn time, you just wanna go home but some hot pancakes tries to do you?! ah ah ah! what to do! this laozi just wanna go home!! send help uwu... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1295 Views 6 Follows May 1, 2020 Seriously_Misspoken
Yes! A QT list! I wonder why I haven't created one before considering half of my reads are QTs. So here you go. Both BG and BL. ... more>>
13 Series 3 Comments 5549 Views 32 Follows Apr 30, 2020 carissakarma
This is a compilation of novels with MCs who received a second shot in life (either gets transferred to another world and/or relives the past) that I find quite interesting among others. I'm putting some notes for each novel too (summary of the plot and a short review). The novels are ranked according to my personal tastes also.... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 937 Views 4 Follows Apr 30, 2020 ppumppu
Just novels I love and enjoy. The genres are all over the place. Must have HE, plus no cheating.
4 Series 0 Comments 585 Views 2 Follows Apr 29, 2020 qpzmal
Angst, sad, depressing, tear jerking, heartbreaking, read in the middle of the night with a box of tissues next to you novels.
46 Series 0 Comments 33616 Views 55 Follows Apr 26, 2020 SorchaNY
My list... (ノ∇≦*)... more>>
4 Series 1 Comments 974 Views 10 Follows Apr 26, 2020 Acidelia
The Scum Male - an egocentric, manipulative, and overbearing character, especially to their romantic partner. Also known as a slag man.... more>>
86 Series 0 Comments 20504 Views 79 Follows Apr 20, 2020 Suranchan
What's better than a possessive ML?  A possessive, obsessive, thirsty gay ML!
Re: thirsty and protective tags - for novels I've read only. Please feel free to suggest more.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1032 Views 9 Follows Apr 18, 2020 ceric_sulfate
Who said that only the ML could be unstable, possessive, or violent? A collection of BL novels with certifiably crazy MCs for those who are tired of innocent, white lotus protagonists.... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 1698 Views 7 Follows Apr 14, 2020 Q9744
No shame, everyone wants some overbearing tops/gongs once in a while. Most novels here includes scum gongs/tops regretting their scumminess and rightfully, they deserve it.... more>>
16 Series 3 Comments 1642 Views 11 Follows Apr 11, 2020 Otakuromanticgirl
 What I want to list is just how an arc end with BE (Bad End) in BL QT novels. I do not promise if at the end of the novel it will be BE or HE.... more>>
74 Series 7 Comments 22325 Views 76 Follows Apr 10, 2020 Crepescule
List of BL novels with an obsessive/possessive/yandere male lead that I enjoyed.... more>>
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