Handsome Male Lead

5 Series 0 Comments 48 Views 0 Follows 3 hours ago SJi
Ack! This is the lost of my favorite BL of all times, I'm really not into historical so much so it'll be more in Modern... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 113 Views 2 Follows Aug 3, 2021 Mozarellaa_
Second list of the books that I'm considering to read cuz the title or the cover makes me curious. Still waiting for the progress so... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 262 Views 1 Follows Aug 2, 2021 chuunietsun
novels for when i feel like a degenerate. smutty pron is a way of life.
75 Series 0 Comments 779 Views 4 Follows Aug 1, 2021 Mozarellaa_
Considering to read cuz the tittle or the cover make me curious, wait for the update so the chapter get a little bit more longer.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 307 Views 2 Follows Aug 1, 2021 Mozarellaa_
Korean novels that make me binge reading, considering the plot, characters, the plot twist, the chapters, and the last update from when I was making... more>>
5 Series 1 Comments 795 Views 2 Follows Aug 1, 2021 AetherRaid
sexy lemony goodness 
13 Series 0 Comments 929 Views 4 Follows Jul 31, 2021 lavendidi
These are the MLs who stole my heart away. They are sweet, respects their partner, protects them, can laugh and joke, and most importantly, *takes very deep breath* THEY CAN COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR PARTNER.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 504 Views 0 Follows Jul 31, 2021 Lera
Badass villainesses, crazy male leads, and white lotus female leads.
26 Series 0 Comments 476 Views 2 Follows Jul 29, 2021 dwejitoki07
I don't like novels that are too toxic, complicated and has too much drama and is tragic. So here are novels I enjoyed reading. Cause it is a good story, suspense, interesting, they're fluffy, funny and though they're a cliché, still very enjoyable to read. ... more>>
97 Series 0 Comments 5156 Views 20 Follows Jul 28, 2021 veeazaa
The FL is reborn/transmigrated as a Villainess Characters and trying to change her ending fate (death), either become the wicked woman who takes a different route or being the opposite, a gentle and better woman.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 1480 Views 4 Follows Jul 28, 2021 Chicklit
It's a mix of BG and BL ╭☞(  ̄ ▽ ̄)╭☞, if y'all got any suggestions, be sure to comment below. I've read some others but... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 306 Views 0 Follows Jul 27, 2021 yanyanchan
I want to read all of these books but my life really said, "no<3". Will read them in my free time since all of these novels look promising hehe. ... more>>
3 Series 1 Comments 524 Views 0 Follows Jul 27, 2021 nomnyanning
This is just a list of QT novels which manage to impress me to some level. Please keep in mind that I’m very picky, and this is my PERSONAL opinion.... more>>
68 Series 0 Comments 5770 Views 28 Follows Jul 25, 2021 Saphyyrae
Just thought of sharing my personal faves ... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 644 Views 0 Follows Jul 24, 2021 missuslu
This list contains novels I've finished and slight reviews about it. The genre is quite mixed. I can't assure you'd like my recommendations since we... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 560 Views 1 Follows Jul 23, 2021 FeinesyaF
Sweet, fluffy (not all), healing stories that will make you believe and long for love. The MLs are seriously swoon-worthy and the FLs is not annoying (yeayyyy)... more>>
waiting for it to rain
35 Series 6 Comments 4888 Views 52 Follows Jul 23, 2021 waiting for it to rain
BL novels which i found very well written. no non-con stuff and relatively~super healthy dynamics. probably includes gripping plots and 3 dimensional characters that doesn’t seem shallow.
this list has a myriad of genres, following my fluctuating tastes 0.o, including: wuxia/xianxia/historical, school-life, supernatural, mystery, horror, survival, unlimited flow, and transmigration!!... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 968 Views 0 Follows Jul 23, 2021 sunhee
my favourite novels with op female leads and devoted male love interests, there is probably a lot of face-slapping, transmigration/reincarnation and shamelessness. these are guilty... more>>
90 Series 0 Comments 825 Views 1 Follows Jul 22, 2021 Zahliarenee
Novels that I am waiting for it to be completed... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1634 Views 2 Follows Jul 21, 2021 Schekeana
Welcome to my recommendation list of these treasures ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
6 Series 0 Comments 466 Views 1 Follows Jul 18, 2021 looongdogs
Romance novels that make my heart go DOKI DOKI lol
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