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Naya X_X
53 Series 1 Comments 5861 Views 36 Follows Jul 12, 2023 Naya X_X
List of my favourite BLs that I want to read again. In no particular order. These are mostly fluffy and sweet with a little bit of angst. I tend to avoid hardcore angst because I deal with enough sht irl.... more>>
25 Series 1 Comments 6332 Views 11 Follows Feb 10, 2023 Toriiyi
Already my much loved novels i highly recommend also most of them are complete you should totally lick them... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 7410 Views 42 Follows Jul 31, 2022 deemendels
Softboi ML's must be protected.... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 1292 Views 6 Follows Jan 19, 2022 lostinmyownworld2001
This list contains all the books that contain romance along with some detective psychology content. Also this list contains both BL and non-BL stories. I... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 2196 Views 10 Follows Jul 11, 2021 Helen_Ivor
Tired of toxic, overbearing, selfish, highkey abusive and r*pey MLs? Well look no further, for you've come to the right place!... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 6549 Views 20 Follows Jun 17, 2021 ronniesage
My very favorite novels ❤(っ^▿^) most are romance with a strong female protagonist, a good amount of chapters (with a high quality translation)), and organized... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 10688 Views 46 Follows Mar 21, 2021 Isakey
BL and BG. Novels were the Ml is mentally or fysically disabled or thinks he is an freak for one reason or another and the... more>>