Past Trauma

50 Series 5 Comments 4287 Views 25 Follows Nov 8, 2022 snowest296
CN where the ML is the one with disabilities, or sickly characters or past trauma. Novels for MC is on another list. 
BG/BL. Not much... more>>
89 Series 1 Comments 10115 Views 57 Follows Nov 7, 2022 snowest296
CN novels where the MC has disabilities or sickly characters, or past trauma. Novels for MLs are in a different list. 
BG/BL. Not much world hopping or historical novels. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2184 Views 15 Follows Oct 20, 2022 deemendels
List for novels where the female lead has an illness/disability/is sickly that is either obvious or subtle (such as disabilities around mental illness) and has significance to the plot. May include novels where this is only for a portion of the story. ... more>>
5 Series 2 Comments 795 Views 6 Follows Oct 12, 2022 Xylia125
You know how the minute you see the “tragedy” “drama” “unrequited love” tags you’re like, NO this is not a novel I should read. ... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 2903 Views 11 Follows Sep 18, 2022 Kotankoran
Novels where the ML suffered a lot, but got a new happy ending.... more>>
Lucia Elys
34 Series 0 Comments 4463 Views 14 Follows Sep 12, 2022 Lucia Elys
Includes psychological and mystery stories as well. Some I didn't read fully
15 Series 0 Comments 2782 Views 9 Follows Aug 26, 2022 bleu
books that squeezes your chest with pain making your eyes water a little,,,,, ending in some type of hurt w comfort or no comfort at all... more>>
23 Series 1 Comments 2592 Views 13 Follows Aug 20, 2022 JaiXie
Refers to any lovers whose affection for each other is doomed to end in tragedy.... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 4353 Views 18 Follows Aug 11, 2022 ariski
Some recommendations for BL stories that have tragedy and heavy problems faced by MC. Maybe some have sad endings but some are happy.
99 Series 0 Comments 2454 Views 8 Follows Aug 8, 2022 Lovers0316
these are all completely translated ... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 3058 Views 3 Follows Aug 8, 2022 Lovers0316
these are all completely translated ... more>>
53 Series 0 Comments 2342 Views 9 Follows Aug 8, 2022 Lovers0316
Novels I’ve read (all are completely translated <3
88 Series 0 Comments 13362 Views 63 Follows Aug 6, 2022 Sleptsleepingsleeps
A list to keep track of the novels that hurt my heart... and/or hurt the MC/ML hehehehehe the more suffering, the better. Self sacrifice (SS) is always welcome. Recs appreciated! Some novels have not been read yet and are added due to the recommendations of others.... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 1602 Views 10 Follows Aug 5, 2022 rameowae
all completed !! i'm actually not a fan of angst lmao but i still thought "i might get depressed tomorrow and I'll probably need this" then it piled up in my to-read list and so i built this nest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 4978 Views 19 Follows Aug 1, 2022 Kelsealoufromkalamazoo
I’m sick of girls in fantasy novels who are written poorly so the male leads look better. Who do nothing, yet receive the love of the world. Where the whole plot revolves around nothing but finding a man.  So enjoy these mentally/physically strong female MCs who put romance on the back burner ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1315 Views 0 Follows Jun 23, 2022 Yonaz
BG and mostly focused on the two MCs
42 Series 0 Comments 3331 Views 29 Follows Jun 22, 2022 Lethalsun
Partly full fluff and partly complicated school life/character story ;) love love complicated family background setting but no BE so dw :D enjoy! <3
26 Series 0 Comments 1996 Views 7 Follows Jun 21, 2022 uwu_Nabong
A list of BL works with Tragedy, Angst and Drama.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 2195 Views 7 Follows Jun 18, 2022 inkslinger
well, as the name suggests, this list is full of story that makes me cry.
Xiao An-jie
8 Series 0 Comments 1737 Views 4 Follows Jun 3, 2022 Xiao An-jie
do you want to die of heart wrenching pain? welcome.
12 Series 0 Comments 5428 Views 51 Follows May 28, 2022 YunYun1
BL where whife chasing crematorium is the main trope.
Hell is boring
19 Series 0 Comments 1308 Views 3 Follows May 28, 2022 Hell is boring
The tragedy may not necessarily be between the couple (misunderstanding, death, miserable past life, dog blood drama, etc); but it exists and... more>>
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