Futuristic Setting

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This are some of the novels that I have read and that have not bored me till the end...... more>>
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A compilation of easy to read, relatively drama-free novels for when you've read too much angst and just need some fluff in your life. Mostly... more>>
Imperial Ancient Dao
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List of cultivation novels in the modern and future day.... more>>
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my favorite Genre :3  no particular order
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Chinese Novels with female MC.
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Where are my ghosts!? Where are my futuristic worlds!? Right here on this list!! I honestly love horror and sci-fi too much not to make a list with all my favourites in it~ Nothing beats a good game of body part tag or a Sci-fi doomsday/space exploration.  I really love the type of protagonist who sees a ghost and pretends that nothing has happened, or the type that wants to make friends with them. So essentially, even though I tagged smart protagonists, there are gonna be some dumbasses in here :P ... more>>
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BLs that take place in an interstellar setting. ... more>>
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Some Military/Kingdom Building Novels that I read. No particular order. Do note that Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi and A Step into the Past are R-18. If you have... more>>
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Stories with great Plots, Female Protagonists, sometimes a short (trying to be non-spoiler) summary, raw/mtl links and reasons why I recommended it.... more>>
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It's all the BL novels I have on my personal lists. ... more>>