Ancient Times

40 Series 0 Comments 855 Views 3 Follows Sep 22, 2021 raphthalia23
Transmigrations about Cultivation, farming and with cute little kids. Ger, Ge'er and Mouye gender most of it. Male to male relationship and a doting ML to MC and vice versa.  At the bottom of this list I have put some "no transmigration, its more modern story" but still an Mpreg and there's also omegaverse and rebirth.... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 96 Views 0 Follows Sep 21, 2021 Reyleisha
BL in this genre that I have rated 4 or 5 out of 5.... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 1117 Views 5 Follows Sep 21, 2021 Iclynn
These are all my favorite completed BL novels, I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do^o^
19 Series 0 Comments 498 Views 2 Follows Sep 20, 2021 FelicitaScarlet
This contains BL Novels which have ancient times setting and lots of court politics as well as Wise Emperors/Kings as rulers of the land. Some centers around court officials and their struggles. ... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 957 Views 2 Follows Sep 19, 2021 Ello_Stupid
Here is a list of the best historical and cultivation BL novels. I am a picky reader and as usual my list is consisted mainly the completed novels as i don't have patience in waiting for new chapters of the ongoing one. Therefore I only read completed novels. the ranking is completely based on my liking.... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 6317 Views 15 Follows Sep 14, 2021 amaishinju_x08
Hello!... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 343 Views 1 Follows Sep 14, 2021 nyxter
waiting till they're completed or until i feel like reading them. includes finished + incomplete novels (mainly chinese)
22 Series 0 Comments 676 Views 2 Follows Sep 11, 2021 Matumutu
These novels all gave me three tears :(
97 Series 0 Comments 6000 Views 24 Follows Sep 9, 2021 artezia
All the Chinese BLs I have finished reading, in alphabetical order.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1024 Views 2 Follows Sep 8, 2021 Wannabella
Chinese Romances ♡ I Absolutely Love (≧▽≦)... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 3483 Views 9 Follows Sep 8, 2021 BabaZhao
These are the BLs that I've read already. I might mix in some non-BL but the MC is still a male though and still have... more>>
96 Series 0 Comments 8672 Views 23 Follows Sep 7, 2021 natswme
No description.
13 Series 0 Comments 847 Views 4 Follows Sep 4, 2021 Fujoshiforlife
Includes both HE and BE.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1491 Views 3 Follows Sep 4, 2021 I love readying
Ini untuk cerita yang saya baca, yang memiliki cerita tentang lompat dunia atau transmigrasi ke banyak dunia dalam satu judul novel
15 Series 0 Comments 1780 Views 7 Follows Sep 3, 2021 HooliganReader
This is my list of awesome ancient time aka historical novels. The list will mainly have: female protagonist (highly likely transmigrated/reborn) + black belliness (or maybe not) +... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 1036 Views 1 Follows Aug 30, 2021 teoshowa
Hi~ it's my fourth list where I'm looking for good and interesting BL novels to read!!... more>>
15 Series 5 Comments 4329 Views 38 Follows Aug 28, 2021 lavendidi
This is my list of novels where in that particular world, there are Gers, men who can give birth and have a mark in the middle of their forehead/ in between their brows (in some settings the mark of ger is located either on wrist or on the arm and sometimes it is shaped like a flower). It's somehow the same with Omegaverse BUT without the pheromones and all, so no ABO. These mostly contains novels in ancient times and gers may be referred as 'bio', 'moye', or other names.... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 2318 Views 4 Follows Aug 27, 2021 I love readying
Cerita di sini, itu semua favorit saya. Saya suka plotnya, saya suka karakternya, saya suka bagaimana ML dan MC berinteraksi dalam hubungan mereka. Ah seperti... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 1822 Views 7 Follows Aug 27, 2021 Teassouls
Include modern and ancient universe.
26 Series 0 Comments 2441 Views 13 Follows Aug 25, 2021 Imgarliv
My forever fav!! Please give it a read!! Not in any particular order because i love them all! I mtled most of it. 
41 Series 0 Comments 1435 Views 5 Follows Aug 23, 2021 Jun148weirdtroll
purely bl. completed and recommended to anyone who enjoys yaoi that does not contain too much angst. only the stories which i've personally read +... more>>
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