Female Protagonist

12 Series 0 Comments 49 Views 0 Follows 11 hours ago FillThisSpace
No description.
4 Series 0 Comments 345 Views 1 Follows Oct 13, 2019 kanjipills
Totally an inconspicuous title about a list with too much shoujo in it. I mean, c'mon. Who does not love sweet shoujo stories in their... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 365 Views 1 Follows Oct 13, 2019 Tree-Na
Females who've transmigrated into cultures that view the way they act as absolutely crazy/scandalous. Or better yet transmigrated women that actually are a little crazy.
25 Series 0 Comments 1213 Views 4 Follows Oct 12, 2019 EirlysV
Reading list for novels with female mc's that aren't annoying or have an idiotic personality.
19 Series 0 Comments 229 Views 1 Follows Oct 12, 2019 thatcrispyperson
Mostly I've been reincarnated but all most always have romance! 
29 Series 0 Comments 2492 Views 5 Follows Oct 9, 2019 dreamlike
Favorite romance novels that left a deep impression on me and that I wish that I could always re-read it as new.
3 Series 0 Comments 895 Views 0 Follows Oct 9, 2019 magstralala
I just love overprotective siblings but I really don’t trust the tags. Here is my attempt of a sister complex list of books I read... more>>
58 Series 0 Comments 7152 Views 13 Follows Oct 9, 2019 crispyliza
A list with Japanese novels about villainous noble girls on their way to avoid their destructive fate, many with isekai/transmigration elements, in a historical fantasy setting (and sometimes the good old modern day world)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 873 Views 2 Follows Oct 8, 2019 magstralala
All romance with a female protagonist.... more>>
20 Series 2 Comments 938 Views 2 Follows Oct 8, 2019 AyN
These are the stories which I've read and loved
4 Series 0 Comments 495 Views 1 Follows Oct 7, 2019 fiminkio
I'm sick of trash ML. I want to read novel which ML loves MC from the start, not bcs she suddenly changed. I hate when... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 1160 Views 0 Follows Oct 4, 2019 Rainstar
All Novels that were completely read by me.... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 660 Views 1 Follows Oct 2, 2019 Malachite
FL that has the best husband.
37 Series 0 Comments 1201 Views 3 Follows Sep 30, 2019 bibi
novels with few chapters and a lot of potential, or novels with many chapters and cobwebs... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 3576 Views 5 Follows Sep 29, 2019 Xoxopixie
Stuff I haven't dropped yet or have read to completion or at least plan to finish reading. The good stuff. Mostly down to earth female protagonists (or love interests) you won't feel the need to strangle. Too much. ... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 832 Views 1 Follows Sep 27, 2019 Clars
No description.
39 Series 0 Comments 6437 Views 21 Follows Sep 26, 2019 blup96
Noble Ladies that are the original resident of the medieval-like fantasy world
22 Series 0 Comments 3053 Views 13 Follows Sep 25, 2019 Sycal
Want to share and recommend some chinese novels i like, also hope to find more interesting novels from other people :)
10 Series 0 Comments 2523 Views 8 Follows Sep 22, 2019 xchronicles
A change of phase from other full of action, drama, misunderstanding novels. ... more>>
70 Series 0 Comments 22023 Views 55 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Liune
Stories with great Plots, Female Protagonists, a short (trying to be non-spoiler) summary and reasons why I recommended it.... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 3398 Views 2 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Y0rozuya
This list is composed of all the stories that I have enjoyed reading but did not make the cut for my very detailed  'Fun Reads and Good Reads' recommendation list. This list also contains a variety of different types of stories and there is no real number ranking. Take a look and see what might suit your taste. ... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 6728 Views 3 Follows Sep 18, 2019 madvil
With the constant novels that are completed, the translator give up or become garbage, it is hard to keep a fresh list of novel to check daily, but you got to do what you got to do... more>>
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