Modern Day

3 Series 0 Comments 75 Views 1 Follows Sep 18, 2021 Wei-Ran
I will put in this list the Horror Novel BL that i will found most interesting!  ^_^... more>>
87 Series 0 Comments 392 Views 1 Follows Sep 18, 2021 Azul_UwU_
A list to keep track of the novels I've read and want to read. This list contains all the novels that have piqued my interest.... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 3538 Views 11 Follows Sep 14, 2021 amaishinju_x08
Hello!... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 1603 Views 8 Follows Sep 13, 2021 fleur_Hasta
No description.
16 Series 0 Comments 1418 Views 11 Follows Sep 9, 2021 secondthots
My favorite BG novels- some are excellent, others just prove that my taste is not godly enough. ... more>>
97 Series 0 Comments 3225 Views 8 Follows Sep 8, 2021 natswme
No description.
51 Series 0 Comments 2757 Views 8 Follows Sep 8, 2021 BabaZhao
These are the BLs that I've read already. I might mix in some non-BL but the MC is still a male though and still have... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1249 Views 3 Follows Sep 4, 2021 I love readying
Ini untuk cerita yang saya baca, yang memiliki cerita tentang lompat dunia atau transmigrasi ke banyak dunia dalam satu judul novel
24 Series 0 Comments 4025 Views 17 Follows Sep 2, 2021 zizi.reader
No description.
Sakura Dream
91 Series 0 Comments 3056 Views 6 Follows Sep 2, 2021 Sakura Dream
A list of CHN BL/Danmei Novels that I would like to read in the near future.... more>>
Sakura Dream
22 Series 0 Comments 1153 Views 4 Follows Sep 2, 2021 Sakura Dream
A list of Chinese BL/Danmei novels that I have finished reading so far. Read on your own risk, do check the tags and reviews before... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1958 Views 5 Follows Sep 1, 2021 Kecoa
I hope you enjoy it.. 
6 Series 0 Comments 1973 Views 6 Follows Sep 1, 2021 Mina-Hime
Novel that I'm currently reading where it has some angsty and regret moment from ML(or mybe not)/Family/Friend because the way they treated FL in the past. It satisfying to read them pshh-  All of them are modern day. I won't spoil angst moment tho hehe~ ... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 845 Views 1 Follows Aug 30, 2021 teoshowa
Hi~ it's my fourth list where I'm looking for good and interesting BL novels to read!!... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 841 Views 1 Follows Aug 30, 2021 yummyicecreams
List of Japanese Romance Novels that I read and will read. This list is a copy of the Chinese version one. This list will keep updating as I read more books and find some interesting synopsis.... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 4254 Views 13 Follows Aug 29, 2021 JG1027
Modern and European Ambience for Korean novels. Some of them contain snu-snu moments. ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 719 Views 1 Follows Aug 29, 2021 sammy_hammy
Lots of novels where I got rlly interested in the beginning, but eventually dropped. They all had me hooked in the beginning, and when I... more>>
37 Series 0 Comments 2212 Views 4 Follows Aug 28, 2021 Jay304
lo mejor de lo mejor, no te arrepentirás de leer
27 Series 1 Comments 2740 Views 15 Follows Aug 27, 2021 Kyaaaaaaaaa
Sigh. I really hate NovelUpdate’s novel capacity limits (100) for lists. Anyways welcome stumbling passengers and eager (most likely straight faced) veterans to the second installment of this list. ... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 24 Views 0 Follows Aug 27, 2021 Hellios
Good novels recommendation from me, all about rebirth and BL. ... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 672 Views 0 Follows Aug 27, 2021 Kanion
Por enquanto a maioria que eu li foi de um homem virando mulher, então se futuramente eu ler mais de mulher virando homem vou adicionar aqui.... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 4155 Views 29 Follows Aug 27, 2021 missuslu
This list contains all of my best reads -- novels that I, if given the chance to read it as if it's my first time, I would read it all over again in a heartbeat! The genre would be quite mixed, but definitely more on fluffy ones since I'm a poor soul who can't take too much heartaches lol. Anyway, some of the novels here can also be seen from my other lists, but the ones in here would definitely be the best of the best (in my opinion). I'll also be adding short or long reviews, but maybe some would be copied from my other lists if I get too lazy to write new ones... more>>
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