Adapted to Anime

84 Series 0 Comments 20868 Views 43 Follows Oct 19, 2019 FillThisSpace
Compiling a list of novels with manga/manhua/manhwa adaptations I’m familiar with.... more>>
89 Series 0 Comments 8619 Views 15 Follows Oct 4, 2019 Ani7032
Stories that have a manga/manhwa/anime adaptation (I'm including those with promo manga/manhwas as well)... more>>
22 Series 1 Comments 3907 Views 8 Follows Sep 27, 2019 RYvanHOOD
Collection of Novels I have read so far, which i also like. Some of it were also completed so you're not gonna wait for the... more>>
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Second Chances and Rebirth are good for either revenge or changing your faith the second time around. So whose not loving a protagonist face slap... more>>
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Part 2 of my first list since there is a 100 series limit. Series here will mostly be from Fall 2019 onwards.
60 Series 0 Comments 14948 Views 27 Follows Aug 7, 2019 JEREMYDUFFY79
This list is one were I have read the novel or the manga/webtoon Warning I might not have read both... more>>
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This novels are adapted to Anime and I watched (even the sh*t ones) . Ranked by how good (my opinion) the Anime is. Top ranking... more>>