World Hopping

20 Series 0 Comments 147 Views 1 Follows 17 hours ago tammapmap
Female Protagonist with Male Lead (all same ML)... more>>
45 Series 0 Comments 3234 Views 18 Follows Jun 30, 2020 SpicySugar
So i made this list for those who wants to read BL novels. This was based on my tastes btw. ... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 1147 Views 5 Follows Jun 29, 2020 Sheem
Pretty much includes all the really good straight romance novels I've come across. 
22 Series 0 Comments 2271 Views 8 Follows Jun 24, 2020 scarletnatsume
List of transmigration stories (BL [Boy Love] / BG [Boy x Girl]) that I find interesting.
12 Series 3 Comments 1477 Views 7 Follows Jun 19, 2020 Rachnis
All men beware! The effeminate main characters have invaded our masculine paradises. This list is the start of my attempts to help readers discover good, mostly mature, and masculine male protagonists. Only stories about the manliest, yet well-written male main characters may be found here.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 682 Views 0 Follows Jun 13, 2020 sunwolf
No description.
49 Series 0 Comments 3394 Views 16 Follows Jun 11, 2020 PhantomShade
The novels here aren't ones I've necessarily read. Many are ones I've heard of, but have yet to start reading. ... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 353 Views 0 Follows Jun 8, 2020 Krustymini
Just some stories that i always check up on to see if it a new chapter comes out
20 Series 0 Comments 196 Views 1 Follows Jun 3, 2020 please_smile_for_me
- Completely finished reading ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1421 Views 1 Follows May 30, 2020 yuuvi
Stories that I’ve completed which I adore! Ranges from BL to BG !!
100 Series 0 Comments 8212 Views 22 Follows May 25, 2020 tundra65
A little bit of everything. Every story on this list is my favorite. The #1 will be the most recent story I added to the... more>>
10 Series 5 Comments 1992 Views 1 Follows May 22, 2020 CaptainButtshark
Basically where the MC travels between worlds/planes with different species, civilizations and the like. More importantly the worlds have different species, cultures and paths to... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 385 Views 2 Follows May 15, 2020 kitsunespirit
Established boyfriends/married and they tried to solve problem in their relationship/mess with other people together, and scattering dog food
24 Series 0 Comments 2962 Views 22 Follows May 13, 2020 Taekookie
Ultimately the best BL stories you'll ever find, from reincarnations to system transmigrations and even normal fluff stories. 
I can't guarantee that you'll love these stories as much as I do but I hope ya'll will enjoy them as much as I did ˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚... more>>
23 Series 0 Comments 2838 Views 9 Follows May 13, 2020 FluffyCAT
Hopping to one BL world to another.
40 Series 0 Comments 3302 Views 15 Follows May 7, 2020 zetsuen_dark
just a casual compilation of bl novels i've read all throughout the year. disclaimer: the comments are purely mine and might be biased so please... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 1511 Views 5 Follows May 7, 2020 CannibalTurtle
No description.
70 Series 0 Comments 10621 Views 23 Follows May 6, 2020 CannibalTurtle
A lot of Quick Transmigration novels cause that's mainly what I read. 
26 Series 0 Comments 3446 Views 31 Follows May 5, 2020 HIKARISELENE
Well written and translated horror stories of the BL persuasion.
78 Series 6 Comments 13101 Views 72 Follows May 2, 2020 segitree
REGULAR UPDATES because I spend too much of my time reading danmei. A master-list for QT, transmigration, rebirth BL novels I've read + my thoughts & ratings on them. Mainly has powerful & cunning MCs and power couples with a good power balance~ You might find a lot of Gary-Stus here but hey that's the flair of it, you know?
Not all of the novels in here are worth reading. I will warn you when I drop a novel (usually at least after chapter 35), if the MC is weak/naive, or if the ML/MC relationship is problematic (but is advertised/portrayed as a healthy relationship in the novel itself). feel free to suggest more novels!
... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 1605 Views 6 Follows May 1, 2020 Seriously_Misspoken
Yes! A QT list! I wonder why I haven't created one before considering half of my reads are QTs. So here you go. Both BG and BL. ... more>>
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