Evil Gods

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I didn't know there was a limit to how many novels you could put in a list, anyways I'll gradually be filling this up along... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 5090 Views 9 Follows Mar 8, 2022 JinianXi
I put all the novels that I really enjoyed a lot that I'm willing to give up my sleeping time just for them Lol. Anyway all these novels have no romance/harem tags since they are not my cup of tea.... more>>
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Korean novels with gods and/or goddesses, non or protagonists... more>>
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Main characters are gods, mistaken as gods or journey to becoming gods. By gods, they can either be good or evil(devil entities).
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Characters who end up accidentally becoming deities and have to deal with those annoyances that tend to worship them. Some try to keep the facade... more>>