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Just as the title says. Just my personal favorites novels in the order that I love.
28 Series 0 Comments 7140 Views 30 Follows Jan 6, 2020 Suranchan
Lots of action - in bed and out of, sometimes lewd, but mostly sexy erotica.  I'll try not to include pure smut novels without plot unless it's ‘extremely extremely’ smexy and erotic, but they are very few. Be warned, some of them have r*pe scenes (I'll mark them).... more>>
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Some apocalyptic novels I'm interested in 
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I've been reading these book for a while and i absolutely love them because of their unique plotlines and characters. The Female Leads and Male Leads are pretty likeable, I don't like s*upid, clumsy FLs (sorryyyy i have GOTTEN over that phase THANK GOD). They don't have too many irritable plot holes and dumb misunderstanding that makes you want to pull your hair out but the plot twists are entertaining and hook you on the book even more!... more>>
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Some Military/Kingdom Building Novels that I read. No particular order. Do note that Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi and A Step into the Past are R-18. If you have... more>>
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Favorite novels with military setting...... more>>
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Small amount of kawaism/slifeoflism is tolerated, begrudgingly.... more>>
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Good Military novels - with a female protagonist! ^ - ^
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Still an incomplete list. These are Boy x Girl list (The list for LGBTQ+ stories is not yet up). The stories listed below, where the... more>>