Male Protagonist

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Includes:... more>>
Indera Atma W.
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This list is definitely worth your time. And not some random stuff. ... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 768 Views 0 Follows Jun 22, 2020 Wei-Ran
You can find here the BL novel about trasmigration and reborn protagonist that i love the most ^_^  enjoy your read!!
3 Series 0 Comments 286 Views 1 Follows Jun 21, 2020 gusupatriarch
Romance can be either too heavy or close to none. So better read the description and reviews first, although I'll try to make it clear in the notes.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 453 Views 0 Follows Jun 20, 2020 NineRoads
In this list I will be including novels which I enjoyed a lot and that I considered to be worth my time whether it was... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 2643 Views 5 Follows Jun 19, 2020 sapphirekate
just a compilation of novels I have read and love. pretty random. some are complete and some I am still waiting for it to update.... more>>
12 Series 3 Comments 1043 Views 5 Follows Jun 19, 2020 Rachnis
All men beware! The effeminate main characters have invaded our masculine paradises. This list is the start of my attempts to help readers discover good, mostly mature, and masculine male protagonists. Only stories about the manliest, yet well-written male main characters may be found here.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1040 Views 3 Follows Jun 13, 2020 sunwolf
No description.
4 Series 0 Comments 127 Views 1 Follows Jun 13, 2020 sunwolf
bl's which revolve around horror theme with just the right amount of fear, fluff and comedy
20 Series 0 Comments 1507 Views 3 Follows Jun 13, 2020 Nurfatin12
As the list applied, it is BL.. these are novel that I currently reading or done reading.
12 Series 3 Comments 2113 Views 6 Follows Jun 12, 2020 Eshya06
Recommendation for reader that looking for protagonist that devoted to one fmc . Not shoujo or jousei and not looking for harem ending
34 Series 0 Comments 2647 Views 9 Follows Jun 11, 2020 PhantomShade
Includes novels I've seen, read or heard of. If you know some more, please leave a comment so I can add them too :D
10 Series 1 Comments 1129 Views 1 Follows Jun 10, 2020 jhiean
My list of great novels that left a big void after I reached their last release, ended, or sacrificed my brain cells reading mtl.
81 Series 2 Comments 28837 Views 49 Follows Jun 9, 2020 inori-chii
Contrary to my other list, here's a list with harem as the main genre or even polygamy!... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 309 Views 0 Follows Jun 8, 2020 Krustymini
Just some stories that i always check up on to see if it a new chapter comes out
6 Series 0 Comments 375 Views 2 Follows Jun 5, 2020 gusupatriarch
These choices are all based on my personal opinions and tastes, but since I do not have a particular inclination, for ex. fluffy or tragedy or horror, (although I do especially appreciate them if they have some witty comedy), this list can be referred in general by anyone (if anyone actually even cares to refer to it 〒▽〒 )... more>>
Alexanda Jerry
35 Series 3 Comments 2752 Views 6 Follows Jun 5, 2020 Alexanda Jerry
I grew up with the development of Chinese Web Novels. In the beginning of 21st century, I started reading online novels, when Qidian set about... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 191 Views 0 Follows Jun 4, 2020 TamedFox
BL that I haven't finished reading yet but I think they're quite promising
9 Series 0 Comments 820 Views 3 Follows Jun 3, 2020 TamedFox
BL novels that I've completely read (translated, mtl, or directly from the raw source) and liked alot
17 Series 0 Comments 87 Views 0 Follows Jun 3, 2020 please_smile_for_me
- Completely finished reading ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 1596 Views 7 Follows Jun 1, 2020 Ainfires
Satisfying, Interesting and full of face slapping. Read or currently reading.
12 Series 1 Comments 3061 Views 5 Follows May 28, 2020 l2ose
Story that kept me engage into the night and fk my sleep~
9 Series 2 Comments 2620 Views 4 Follows May 26, 2020 Everything_Is_Dao
This are some of the novels that I have read and that have not bored me till the end...... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 4256 Views 6 Follows May 23, 2020 Lehiye
Mix of novels I would recommend reading with male MC... more>>
30 Series 1 Comments 3418 Views 8 Follows May 23, 2020 Ram95
Thrash novels are too prevalent that's why I made it easier for everyone and just made a list of in mea sentetia novels that actually do have great plot or those that stand out of from their peers. These are the must reads. ... more>>
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