Calm Protagonist

17 Series 1 Comments 1541 Views 9 Follows May 13, 2022 HeenaReadNovels
Strong calculative Mc & ML.... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 1140 Views 7 Follows May 7, 2022 BK311
Completely transalated and I've read and ready to reread.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1114 Views 4 Follows May 6, 2022 Kimchi759
Female protags that know how to charm & manipulate. Some are transmigrators, some are world hoppers. But all know how to go fishing. ... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 773 Views 3 Follows Apr 29, 2022 camperment
This is a list of novels that I find beyond impressive in terms of the plot, the world-building, or the characters. Novels that make me... more>>
25 Series 2 Comments 1815 Views 23 Follows Apr 28, 2022 Efu-sama
Chinese Edition that I've read and am able to give some comments for. The list numbering is random. I'll classify it with EASY, MEDIUM and... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 503 Views 1 Follows Apr 26, 2022 var2792
The best novels that I have read and that I have fallen in love with, most often it is bl (don't like ladies in trouble) 
5 Series 1 Comments 657 Views 0 Follows Apr 19, 2022 miles_morales
A list of BLs with smart MCs, interesting plots and are binge worthy. Please feel free to comment suggestions for the list ☺️
10 Series 0 Comments 2674 Views 6 Follows Apr 17, 2022 Lothbrok
I want to share my personal list of favorite Chinese novels!
24 Series 4 Comments 3667 Views 31 Follows Apr 13, 2022 absenior19
I am searching for novels. Where mc is Cold, Ruthless, Rational, Pragmatic, Evil- if possible.No Romance, No s*upid MC or SIMP [ a big NO NO ]. No need to help others [ why help? ]. He need to be like human being, greedy selfish and so on [ maybe i just wanna see negative emotions or just people with ambitions as they are compared like that mostly ]. I don't wanna read some romance or lover or harem or anything related story. I want it to be fight, schemes,betrayal, a novel where you can see mc is really smart and is using his brain.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 618 Views 0 Follows Apr 2, 2022 Rida
My all time favourite novels. They have a good and intricate plot, competent MCs and generally no plot holes. Not in order.
14 Series 0 Comments 2401 Views 20 Follows Mar 30, 2022 VSNN347_
well i don't know yours, but this novels are definitely a cup of my tea! well this is just a recommendation afterall, so you don't have to force yourself reading this really! ^^... more>>
71 Series 4 Comments 6949 Views 39 Follows Mar 27, 2022 KookiesMochi
i am very picky and particular about characters, the story, and translation quality so you can trust my recommendations
( this list is not structured... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 319 Views 0 Follows Mar 19, 2022 Amatya
Intelligent and rational MC, Schemes and Conspiracies.
5 Series 0 Comments 2574 Views 3 Follows Mar 19, 2022 Amatya
Great storyline, Intelligent MC , schemes and conspiracies.
29 Series 0 Comments 1764 Views 3 Follows Mar 13, 2022 X102
The list is not based on anything, there’s no specific number/rating.
Lin Lat
50 Series 6 Comments 4982 Views 32 Follows Mar 8, 2022 Lin Lat
There will be a mix of Bromance, Yaoi, or Romance and I usually don't read harem but sometimes there are exceptions.... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 7238 Views 24 Follows Mar 2, 2022 Lowgran
Mostly just strong female protagonists  
100 Series 0 Comments 3040 Views 7 Follows Feb 27, 2022 SoleilShoyo
No description.
Noir Phantomville
27 Series 4 Comments 3863 Views 21 Follows Feb 24, 2022 Noir Phantomville
These are novels I've read or I'm reading and came to like.... more>>
44 Series 0 Comments 4467 Views 25 Follows Feb 22, 2022 Issis
Strong mc and ml.                                               Although the uke may still (prefer/otherwise) be pampered (or treated like jade) by the seme. Healthy relationship. Mostly about the plot.... more>>
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