Calm Protagonist

3 Series 0 Comments 8 Views 0 Follows 9 mins ago Xenely17
Novels that I enjoyed very much,  mostly because I loved the characters.
25 Series 0 Comments 1427 Views 5 Follows Jun 29, 2020 Sheem
Pretty much includes all the really good straight romance novels I've come across. 
14 Series 0 Comments 1246 Views 0 Follows Jun 22, 2020 Wei-Ran
You can find here the BL novel about trasmigration and reborn protagonist that i love the most ^_^  enjoy your read!!
22 Series 0 Comments 2681 Views 12 Follows Jun 21, 2020 tsitrasong
My favorites. I tend to lean towards calm female protagonist, transmigration +/- cultivation, comedy > tragedy. Mostly historical setting, but some modern day romances sprinkled... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 516 Views 0 Follows Jun 17, 2020 mariusk
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No description.
8 Series 0 Comments 890 Views 5 Follows Jun 16, 2020 lizanika
Includes BL as well as Hetero however the protagonist is always the bottom. (Not in terms of power but in terms of bedroom if you catch my drift) ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 1670 Views 7 Follows Jun 1, 2020 Ainfires
Satisfying, Interesting and full of face slapping. Read or currently reading.
mlem mlem
7 Series 0 Comments 664 Views 3 Follows May 26, 2020 mlem mlem
Lists of novels that stole away my sleep, giving me a headache with those assignment deadlines that I missed 
31 Series 1 Comments 4100 Views 12 Follows May 23, 2020 Ram95
Thrash novels are too prevalent, that's why I made it easier for everyone and just made a list of in mea sentetia novels that actually do have great plot or those that stand out from their peers. These are the must reads. ... more>>
36 Series 0 Comments 14712 Views 26 Follows May 18, 2020 Ichigom
FLs that somehow awaken in a "s*upid novel" they once read. ... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 34424 Views 1 Follows May 18, 2020 weebmando
My favorite picks. Will leave detailed reviews when I have time. I read all day and have no time kek---
Aina Seira
5 Series 0 Comments 1589 Views 2 Follows May 13, 2020 Aina Seira
Novels worthy of five star ratings that made me so moved or MTL them, lol
36 Series 8 Comments 8710 Views 19 Follows May 8, 2020 zetsuen_dark
Just a humble compilation of KR novels that I read this year. Disclaimer: My thoughts might contradict yours and thus I apologize in advance. Order... more>>
76 Series 0 Comments 7939 Views 18 Follows May 8, 2020 elish
Recommended QT - include BG and BL
Mostly smart or charming or cunning or strong(mental/phys) MC and 1v1.... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 3417 Views 12 Follows Apr 29, 2020 qpzmal
Novels with mostly modern day, interstellar, world hopping, comedic school life BL's with quality characters and plots. (No slow moving boring novels)
31 Series 0 Comments 3339 Views 3 Follows Apr 27, 2020 SkyOfSky
This is a list of novels that is enjoyable, whether it is the complete novel or part(s) of the novel, even after a second read. It is not rank in any order. Different novel have different charm!... more>>
All mighty Asian
4 Series 0 Comments 524 Views 0 Follows Apr 26, 2020 All mighty Asian
No description.
13 Series 1 Comments 1413 Views 10 Follows Apr 26, 2020 Ilover
Of novels which will make a mark in their story. Quality translation, awesome plot, and the satisfaction of two men loving each other, their stories... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 3167 Views 30 Follows Apr 21, 2020 shooter4binghe
SOCIETY HAS PROGRESSED past the need for MCs who misunderstand everything
and for BG charas who only exist to talk about how perfect he is... more>>
19 Series 2 Comments 3356 Views 11 Follows Apr 14, 2020 Sparteh
I have decided to makes this list in order to celebrate reaching 150 completed and 400 read novels marks. ... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 1195 Views 0 Follows Apr 9, 2020 sungjinwoo
mc can use his brain ,not like other mc who being controlled by its own "novel"
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