Calm Protagonist

4 Series 0 Comments 83 Views 1 Follows 19 hours ago Munaagriche0_04
It's my favourite though ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 59 Views 0 Follows Apr 14, 2024 Karmic_debt
These is my personal list of bl novels that I’ve read completely. Normally it’s very hard for me to complete a story bc I get... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 2700 Views 8 Follows Apr 1, 2024 Soels
Goated MCs - no harem - male protagonist
17 Series 0 Comments 904 Views 21 Follows Mar 22, 2024 pointoverture
Absolutely amazing unlimited flow BL novels. They also have my personal ratings and reviews for each. I'd say I have high standards and pretty good taste, so all of these novels are highly recommended. Should be ordered from highest personal rating -> lowest.... more>>
100 Series 9 Comments 7730 Views 94 Follows Mar 5, 2024 pointoverture
All of these are, IMO, must-reads. Hands-down some of the best novels here. I've also included my own personal ratings and opinions of each of these novels. Well-written stories, great plots, characters, etc. I have relatively high standards for these to be my favorites, so these are all really high quality. I can't recommend them enough! coincidentally, all of them also have very high ratings (4.3-4.8)... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 826 Views 1 Follows Mar 2, 2024 bubble_1234
Mostly male protagonists with a certain advantage like skill, time travel or transgression and a calm and collected mindset. I am just in love with tower climbing or apocalyptic settings with dungeons. Some game components like leveling included. Also a fan of  martial arts novels if they are not too bullsh*t and incomprehensible. ... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 1838 Views 16 Follows Feb 21, 2024 Yuezhi
Personally, they deserve much better rating....
30 Series 0 Comments 602 Views 5 Follows Feb 16, 2024 kingxiao
There is no order, and no classification. There is also no specific genre. They are just stories that I am interested in reading once the translation is complete.... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 212 Views 0 Follows Feb 11, 2024 LumiSun
Will rate in different categories.
100 Series 1 Comments 13167 Views 119 Follows Feb 8, 2024 Missjayrayg
See title lol ;) ... more>>
55 Series 1 Comments 5036 Views 32 Follows Feb 7, 2024 Missjayrayg
My top bl novels and what I enjoyed about them :) Also its mostly based of vibes and if I liked them. List will only have completed novels that have been fully translated.  Also look at the tags of the novels. I am pretty much fine with anything, so my chosen novels can go to two extremes- sweet to dark. ... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 2322 Views 6 Follows Feb 7, 2024 xxsan
Just chill and relax while reading the stories on this list. No need to use your brain cells and read with peace of mind. So damn tired of dramas on the other novels that it gaves me headache.... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 512 Views 1 Follows Feb 5, 2024 ghost1825
Series that I want read in one sitting, from start to finish... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 1696 Views 10 Follows Feb 5, 2024 lshwife
Unlimited Flow (无限流) = A genre featuring horror, challenge, and survival games. A character summoned into unique spaces separate from the real world and have... more>>
56 Series 2 Comments 7490 Views 100 Follows Jan 22, 2024 starskagi
calm your concerns and ease your anticipation for a new chapter, in this list, there will only be completed yuri stories!
4 Series 0 Comments 1068 Views 5 Follows Jan 21, 2024 Mariahiisall
Novels with no romance or harem I don't like romance or harem. I am looking for a novel like that. This list is for everyone like me.... more>>
18 Series 1 Comments 808 Views 5 Follows Jan 5, 2024 rizzmaster173
For anyone who likes action packed novels and some slice of life. Contains both Chinese and Korean novels. Will probably update as I try to remember more novels I've read. ... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 590 Views 0 Follows Dec 26, 2023 BoredAkashicRecord
No Harem, no Villain/Antihero Mc, and more than 100 chapters novels
Maly 023
49 Series 0 Comments 5112 Views 10 Follows Dec 25, 2023 Maly 023
Some action and fantasy novels, modern era, etc. Some novels may have pure love, harem or just friendship and camaraderie.
10 Series 0 Comments 456 Views 4 Follows Dec 17, 2023 Medea_p13
Most of these novels have little to no angst and aren’t really frustrating, the plot is smooth and even if there are bumps in the... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1083 Views 2 Follows Dec 15, 2023 zaqzaqzaq1
The best I have read.
46 Series 1 Comments 4079 Views 13 Follows Dec 13, 2023 I__loveprettydaddies
Mc got traumatized past/sad backstory that she endured herself and either ml or someone rescued or heal her or she left the cage herself.... Or... more>>
53 Series 0 Comments 2779 Views 20 Follows Dec 13, 2023 jgh_be
Noble Stories Which bless readers with Lots of Smiles, Comfort, Meng, Understanding & Nothingness !!! Reread value full on! Giving A different Relaxation and Boost... more>>
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