Strong to Stronger

8 Series 0 Comments 234 Views 0 Follows Mar 20, 2020 neri21
You remember them because they pop out of the book and give a lasting impression. It’s that scene or action you remember about the book... more>>
37 Series 2 Comments 3439 Views 17 Follows Mar 19, 2020 cole
These novels aren't ranked. Hints of romance or nothing at all. I don't really like romance and always had a rough time finding good novels without romance, so i made this list to help those fellows who's similar to me. ... more>>
24 Series 2 Comments 4712 Views 11 Follows Feb 8, 2020 OphisNightshade
Novels that I didn't drop. Novels that I didn't drop because of the boredom of the novel.... more>>
11 Series 3 Comments 700 Views 2 Follows Jan 14, 2020 Cindamoon
Feeling down? Well, look no further! Here's a compiled list of a mix of new novels I've discovered, and some favorites as well.
18 Series 2 Comments 6482 Views 22 Follows Dec 31, 2019 littlemetaball
ratings are based on (uniqueness and pacing of) plot, (3D) character development, and (quality of) translation. YES. this includes both female and male protagonists who are op. ... more>>
24 Series 2 Comments 4546 Views 32 Follows Nov 16, 2019 dona
This list contains the novels that i whole-heartedly enjoyed, which isn´t easy to find since I´m a very picky reader. I love novels that wrecks... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 2962 Views 5 Follows Sep 9, 2019 Syahmuda
Mc is untouchable in the place where he at. Mc didn't seek a recognition from other people.... more>>
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It can be emotionally or physically. You definitey won't find the wishy-washy type here... more>>