Modern Knowledge

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Just as the name of recommendation list sais. Realistic Isekai/transmigration novels.
6 Series 0 Comments 437 Views 1 Follows Oct 17, 2019 IrregularPerson
My recommended Completed/Ongoing reads described using words that would describe food. And yeah, actual food.
This list was produced with BoysLove, slash, gay, yaoi, shounen Ai. And cross-contaminates with open LGBTQ+ if the protagonist/male love-interest uses male pronouns but say, their a sentient object.... more>>
68 Series 0 Comments 77610 Views 132 Follows Oct 9, 2019 crispyliza
A list with Japanese novels about villainous noble girls on their way to avoid their destructive fate, many with isekai/transmigration elements, in a historical fantasy setting (and sometimes the good old modern day world)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 8866 Views 15 Follows Sep 17, 2019 Jcc10
Stories where the protagonist's first super-power is the knowledge they had prior to reincarnation. (Time travel reincarnation, is included.)... more>>
63 Series 3 Comments 16690 Views 28 Follows Aug 22, 2019 Marek2222
List of favourites based mainly on:... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 14359 Views 66 Follows Aug 13, 2019 Ziaoi
Ancient trope of transmigrated female leads. Can be a bit fantasy-ish in genre, or a bit further to revolutionary age. Magical. Josei. Please heed ratings,... more>>
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No order but I like Kuro no so much
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This list is one were I have read the novel or the manga/webtoon Warning I might not have read both... more>>