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As is says on the title. Any story that contains raising children and family fluff.  Single parents, adopted children, found families, or naturally conceiving, all are welcome!... more>>
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No description.
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when you're tired of going through every upload to see which synopsis tickles your fancy, you decide to kill time by creating a recommendation list until new uploads come out... but for real these are some good ones to read if you're a person of good taste ... more>>
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New one, old ones ,all kind of genres.... more>>
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All Novels that were completely read by me.... more>>
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❗I MTL so I GOT RAW LINKS! click "more>>" on the corresponding title... more>>
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BL that involves great, supportive (non scheming/back-stabbing/bad in general) family from either and/or both MC and ML's side or just really cute kids that you just wanna pinch their cheeks while screaming 'AAAAWW'. (I'm a goner for family tropes)... more>>
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Cooking, farming, business management and the likes. Might be boring for some.
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I fell in love with business farming novels with FL. I thought I would share it with u. ????
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One Night Stands, Single Parents, Adoption...anything with adorable children.