Yan Sen
9 Series 0 Comments 194 Views 1 Follows Jun 11, 2021 Yan Sen
Different Novels that got me hooked and destroyed my sleeping time. Almost all are transmigration stories with different plots that are either angst, fluff or... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 645 Views 1 Follows Jun 5, 2021 vulpi
Wholesome stuff
56 Series 0 Comments 4055 Views 22 Follows Jun 4, 2021 Storyfairy
Korean Novels about women who have reincarnated/transmigrated into the body of little girls and were then raised/adopted by Protagonists, Antagonists, Saints, or Noble Families... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 2000 Views 7 Follows May 24, 2021 Mist_piller
These series seem good.I mean the ratings and the number of readers is beyond me. So that means they're so good that I will use my bookbinding skills to make them into physical copies! ... more>>
41 Series 11 Comments 3429 Views 15 Follows May 24, 2021 hotpotathoe
BG modern romance : NO rebirth / NO transmigration ... more>>
70 Series 0 Comments 6649 Views 16 Follows May 23, 2021 Babablacksheep9
All the BG novels I have read so far!
36 Series 2 Comments 6229 Views 17 Follows May 14, 2021 Babablacksheep9
This is mainly about family love, slice of life and fluffy romance
55 Series 0 Comments 21387 Views 94 Follows Apr 25, 2021 IdairaFP
This is a list of novels where the protagonist reincarnates or transmigrates into the body of a little girl and ends up being treated as... more>>
48 Series 1 Comments 6249 Views 47 Follows Apr 21, 2021 Wolvelyn
For those who wants a light-hearted read, away from drama and scheme. This list has no particular order.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 3165 Views 12 Follows Apr 15, 2021 Nelle
I've read a lot of novels where the MC raises a bun. However, I'm seized by this concept of MC having old sons. I find... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 2200 Views 3 Follows Apr 15, 2021 MyYen
No description.
LoVeLy Fu Yanzhi
27 Series 0 Comments 6156 Views 6 Follows Apr 2, 2021 LoVeLy Fu Yanzhi
The book that i am going to add are all lengthy novel with sweet couple moment. Please comment.
20 Series 2 Comments 2345 Views 8 Follows Mar 28, 2021 Brigtter
Novels with lovely and cute children, adoption, childhood, pregnancy, daily life, family relationships, growth, mother/father/child relationship etc... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 2912 Views 12 Follows Mar 27, 2021 kyrez
2nd List^^ --- Stories that are interesting, with a nice plot, writing and translation.. Some are fully translated, and some are still work in progress-- Have fun reading~... more>>
Blue Amethyst
31 Series 0 Comments 2840 Views 4 Follows Mar 21, 2021 Blue Amethyst
Just novels that I have read/ reading and like. Various genres included.
25 Series 0 Comments 11809 Views 30 Follows Feb 19, 2021 Reyyyyy
smut, snusnu.  For all my pervs out there and for all the horny virgins.... more>>
53 Series 0 Comments 5880 Views 23 Follows Feb 10, 2021 nyxzi
A daily dose of cuteness.
19 Series 2 Comments 2766 Views 14 Follows Jan 5, 2021 c.reo
Brief description of my recommended list will be that it's mostly randomized in genre and not in ranking. I prefer to read action, adventure and camaraderie. I read BL but you'll also be able to see het pairs. I will diligently try to make small comments on the novels that I will put in here as well as my status and how many times i drop and reread the series until completion or latest update.... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 12971 Views 23 Follows Dec 18, 2020 Brigtter
Novels with lovely and cute children, adoption, childhood, pregnancy, daily life, family relationships, growth, mother/father/child relationship etc... more>>
Takumi Takishima
68 Series 0 Comments 13753 Views 35 Follows Dec 14, 2020 Takumi Takishima
part 2 of my list BL CUTE CHILDREN NOVELS. I've put there fluffy childcare novels that are not included here.
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