Fated Lovers

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The main theme of this list is "ROMANCE", but it will include so many other genres.... more>>
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No description.
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They warm up my heart before breaking it and then healing me once again with a happy ending.... more>>
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Web novels that are completed and I have finished reading. Mostly romance genre but no harems, yaoi, or yuri.
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Novels that bring a smile to my face. 
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These are the stories which I've read and loved. I recommend only quality ones as I read only plots which have an actual good story. I know it's hard to find good stories, that is why I created this list. Recommended me some good stories anytime!... more>>
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All the stories in this list is the stories who had been finished i read.
Alina Moktan
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Favorites Good Cultivation Novel. It's Bittersweet, Funny, Fluffy, HE Xianxia Addicted Novel.