Game Elements

8 Series 0 Comments 236 Views 0 Follows Oct 18, 2021 Extra07
In this list, all MCs have the name [Kim] and they don't treasure their lives in the slightest.
11 Series 0 Comments 351 Views 0 Follows Oct 14, 2021 Argenty
Not too scary, cause i'm a scared cat~... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 182 Views 1 Follows Oct 10, 2021 MartiuUwu
For all the series I think should have the Slice of life tag.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 1539 Views 1 Follows Oct 9, 2021 AbrilGM
Best action adventure novels with ruthless MC with little almost nothing romance
44 Series 0 Comments 5508 Views 19 Follows Oct 3, 2021 Lunnear
Novels that have a decent MC involved in either Apocalypse-Setting, Fighting against Monster and or within Dungeon. No Harem allow in this list. BL are Okay :D ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 563 Views 2 Follows Sep 22, 2021 em-r
These are my top completed BL novels!!! Mainly esports cause I’m literally obsessed with BL esports now ❤️
11 Series 0 Comments 556 Views 2 Follows Sep 21, 2021 Reyleisha
BL in this genre that I have rated 4 or 5 out of 5. Really memorable plots, great characters and books I'd read again or compare against. ... more>>
20 Series 1 Comments 2534 Views 10 Follows Sep 14, 2021 Ello_Stupid
The rank is mainly based on my personal preference und top 20 out many bl novels I read. All of these are worth recommending. I promise , you wouldn't regret choosing to read from this list, though i am not sure if its your cup of tea. the list is tagged with all kind of genre. eg; Historical , Political, Gaming , Cultivation , ABO , Fantasy , Modern, School , Transmigration etc. ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 1112 Views 0 Follows Sep 2, 2021 ignaciaalm
Lista de novelas donde los protagonistas son gamers O la trama transcurre dentro de un mundo de realidad virtual.
11 Series 0 Comments 1638 Views 8 Follows Aug 24, 2021 MidnightSnow
List (not so scary) horror and unlimited flow CN. Mostly included the one that I already finished or I really like. 
3 Series 0 Comments 1106 Views 3 Follows Aug 22, 2021 Kecoa
If you want to read novel with female protagonist and game element + level system setting. I think you can find it in this list. ... more>>
70 Series 0 Comments 18396 Views 34 Follows Aug 11, 2021 AmayaNightrain
Isekai and transmigration with good plots. A lot of them focused on world building and the occasional kingdom building
Also has unique reincarnation and time traveling stories. ... more>>
32 Series 0 Comments 591 Views 0 Follows Aug 2, 2021 yujeenn
all bl danmei i've read part 2
7 Series 0 Comments 2798 Views 12 Follows Aug 1, 2021 Aachiin0914
Mermaid novels!... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 1735 Views 6 Follows Jul 24, 2021 AlevXx
No description.
13 Series 0 Comments 4852 Views 16 Follows Jul 24, 2021 bubblypopp
My list of BG or BB novels where the MC transmigrates or reincarnates into a game world! I have only included game world novels, that... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1786 Views 8 Follows Jul 19, 2021 Nymmiah
Spoiler-free reviews in the description. Unsurprisingly, 80% of this list is BL.
5 Series 0 Comments 2160 Views 0 Follows Jul 18, 2021 angelhalo224
Well built worlds with good (or at least decent) storylines. These are stories with detailed  worlds. These worlds might be based around a game, the future, or fantasy world but all (to some degree) are set in a complex world. Some series on this list include game elements, politics, slow romance, drama, action, and more.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 715 Views 1 Follows Jul 17, 2021 Y0LT
Novels I have read or am reading, which include skills, level/game system and/or reincarnation, basically isekai, or just some kind of a similar fantasy setting. It also includes my score for them and what I thought about them which might include slight spoilers(sorry), some 'reviews' are shorter either because i didn't have much to say about them or just because I forgot about them, I was reading novels before i made this account and list, so i've forgotten what i liked, disliked and what took place inside them. Mostly Korean and a few Japanese novels, I haven't and don't plan on reading any Chinese novels, i honestly can't understand the cultivation and divinity thing most... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 1027 Views 6 Follows Jul 8, 2021 Devrai
You know there are stories that might not be "the best" out there but for some reason  they resonate with you or just blow your mind or just tickle a fancy.  This is a list of my favorite BL stories that make me go back over and over again. This list contains only series i reread at least once and that left a long lasting impression on me.... more>>
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