Maly 023
16 Series 0 Comments 1185 Views 7 Follows Nov 17, 2023 Maly 023
Romantic and obscene novels for those over 18 years old.
13 Series 0 Comments 1702 Views 6 Follows Nov 3, 2023 girlwithabrokensmile
Hi friends! These are some of the stories I just can't get enough reading and re- reading. Most probably majority of them are [BxG] CN and KN with the occassional JN set in the historical and modern times. May or may not have fantasy themes of transmigration, reincarnation, etc. May or may not also include smut and spice. Please check the tags for more info. Enjoy! ~... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 2285 Views 7 Follows Nov 3, 2023 girlwithabrokensmile
Hi friends! Here are my must read CN and KN historical time [BxG] romance novels. May or may not have fantasy themes of transmigration, reincarnation, etc. May or may not also include some smut and spice. Please check tags for additional ideas. Enjoy!~... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 11770 Views 24 Follows Oct 9, 2023 needssomesleep
Male protagonists. Transmigrated/Reincarnated into a novel as the Villain. Mostly Fantasy Action/Adventure novels. Aristocracy & Nobility. Most have manhwa adaptions. ... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 738 Views 5 Follows Sep 27, 2023 caileen710
A very specific type of romance that takes place in a pseudo-European, medieval, fantasy world.... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 7756 Views 23 Follows Aug 14, 2023 regn123
Some of my favorite tragic novels I recommend--(Feel free to give more in the comments!)
22 Series 0 Comments 2348 Views 7 Follows Aug 13, 2023 Len_
Done, currently reading, and dropped.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 3143 Views 8 Follows Aug 13, 2023 ImHereJustReading
Eh, just novels i found interesting while browsing translator sites, syosetu, and this sit. Though don't expect any hard action novels in this list but... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1718 Views 0 Follows Jul 27, 2023 Laraz
Completely translated novels set in the European ambience settings. All romance novels, but they all have different sub-genres. Mostly Korean novels with some Japanese.  
3 Series 0 Comments 130 Views 0 Follows Jun 11, 2023 MaryamPmbo
No description.
6 Series 0 Comments 2573 Views 5 Follows Jun 8, 2023 asiandolce
If you like novel which has scheme and conspiracy in Ancient China of Royalty/Nobility. Then these are the list of my fav novels that i already read complete.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 4916 Views 9 Follows May 10, 2023 Yesoryes
if you like novels with storylines that make your mood change every minute, I recommend this.
17 Series 0 Comments 3756 Views 7 Follows Apr 15, 2023 mcpersona
novels i've read that i think are worthy of love and appreciation <3 
93 Series 0 Comments 13775 Views 46 Follows Feb 28, 2023 needssomesleep
Female protagonists. Transmigrated/Reincarnated into a novel as the Villainess. Mostly Fantasy Romance novels. Aristocracy & Nobility. No smut or ecchi (that I remember). Most have a Manhwa adaption. Some start as Child protagonists. Kinda cliché? (I haven't read like, 90% of these novels so I can't really say). Not in any particular order.... more>>
60 Series 4 Comments 12388 Views 17 Follows Feb 15, 2023 SeanGM
Sometimes you just wants to enjoy reading novel while sipping cup of tea or coffee, almost all the novels inside this list I still reading it and have the urges to re-read again soon after I managed to finish it.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 306 Views 1 Follows Feb 9, 2023 thethirdmas
Waiting eagerly..
9 Series 0 Comments 2066 Views 1 Follows Jan 21, 2023 Meow316
Fluffy novels 
8 Series 0 Comments 1303 Views 0 Follows Jan 21, 2023 Rina11
Romance novels I invested time in reading. 
2 Series 0 Comments 46 Views 0 Follows Jan 13, 2023 MaryamPmbo
No description.
18 Series 1 Comments 3446 Views 5 Follows Jan 5, 2023 suckerforblackhairML
Kinda hate the waiting game but these stories makes it worth it. Genuinely, these are the stories that I'm currently reading.... more>>
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