Time Travel

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A female in ancient china (or mortal realm) she is either an Assassin, Doctor, Scholar, Merchant etc. just too overpowered in all kind of senses... or deeply involved in dozen Drama plots and cultivating as fast as light...... more>>
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Still waiting for them to be translated... more>>
Reader coming through
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I'm gonna put all the novel I read and that I think are interesting. Reincarnation, romance, yaoi, tragedy,... which one shall I put first..  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°... more>>
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Don't know how these novels will turn out let's see.... 
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Although i m not the person who has read all the novels i most certainly consider my self as one the crazy novel readers.... more>>
eyy bb
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I read both male and female protagonist novels and here are the novels where I was like "Damn, that sh*t good."... more>>
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New life... Settling debts... Correcting mistakes..... more>>
Victuuri Road
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<<  Shounen Ai & Yaoi novels  >>
Main Character wakes up / in another world / as someone else / in the past... more>>