Survival Game

95 Series 0 Comments 14368 Views 24 Follows Dec 8, 2019 Noahsc
Here are all the BL novels that I have read!
41 Series 0 Comments 3755 Views 7 Follows Dec 3, 2019 CCNoir
I've been reading translated light/web novels since around 2015-2016. Finally making a list now! The entries here are not ranked, they're added randomly, but they are my favourite novels on this site. Started reading BL novels in 2017, when I first read Founders of Diabolism. Big fan! So now my list is mostly BL.... more>>
39 Series 1 Comments 20504 Views 41 Follows Nov 23, 2019 blup96
A list of korean webnovels with a particular trope of the protagonist that involved in a death game and may or may not transported to said game world or have said game system transplated into our world.  There's also dungeons and monsters.... more>>
23 Series 1 Comments 3389 Views 17 Follows Nov 22, 2019 blup96
A list of novels where people are summoned to unique spaces separate from the real world and have to complete tasks, generally stuff like puzzles, survival or horror games.... more>>
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Not even bothering to rank beyond first 10, my personal ranking some people might find it wrong. All others are good too in my opinion.
10 Series 1 Comments 1227 Views 0 Follows Sep 8, 2019 Ariens
Mostly the novel I recommed here is a transmigration/reborn/have previous life memories, etc.... more>>
Lost Happiness
23 Series 2 Comments 2202 Views 4 Follows Aug 11, 2019 Lost Happiness
A wide variety of novels that I think everyone need to read.
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Various apocalypse/survival themed novels - zombies not always included!