Near-Death Experience

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You become picky if you consume any type of media for a long time. Your taste gets specific and sometimes you feel as if the... more>>
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Mostly horror                                          Special abilities, mutations, mysteries, saving the world, power couple, cruel characters, obsessive love, yandere, black belly, psychopaths, secret organizations, infinite flow, thriller, slow romance, established relationships, rebirth, human weapon, weak to strong, etc.....
1-35 HORROR tagged... more>>
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contains my favourite novels and some novels I don't really like but still added it since some people might like to read it.
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Why are my favorite main characters all suicidal...
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MC's sick! Deadly illnesses galore! Inherited via genetics, acquired by poisoning? Possible death, definite death, time travel, and hopefully angst!
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-pain... more>>
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GENRES: either Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Martial Arts, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural... more>>
Shin fuyu
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Tbh, this is the list of novels i actually enjoyed. You might find my list boring or plain or the novels i put are probably... more>>
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the sense of worry or anticipation is very high 
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Is it just me or there is someone out there who is relatable? I just love collecting tragedies and washing my face with my tears.... more>>
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These are some of the mystery novels I've read that blew my mind because of how good the plots are. Make sure to check them... more>>
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These are my favorite BL novels so far, those I enjoyed and recommend the most ranked higher on the list (I consider all MASTERPIECES)... more>>
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A world with deep connection to our current society. Fantasy and Reality combined together to become " Imagination "
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Likes to torture yourself by angsty plot and dog-blood drama? Come here baby, it's free real-estate.... more>>
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I love to read stories with good plots, strong setting, realistic characters and smart, calm protagonists. Readers with same preference should be able to enjoy... more>>
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This is my personal top picks. If you can get the gist my taste through this list, please feel free to comment down below some of your recommendations too! Thank you and Happy reading!... more>>
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do you like cheating? abuse? humiliation?sacrifices?... more>>
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Completed with Translation