Comedic Undertone

30 Series 0 Comments 4278 Views 15 Follows Oct 10, 2021 ijustwantaloverformyself
So yeah...the name already describes everything actually. My guilty pleasure: Transmigration with Male Yandere/Obsessive Love. The novels at the top of the list are my... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 527 Views 4 Follows Oct 10, 2021 RustyFerro
Just ongoing novels that I want to camp for. I'm still waiting for them to finish translating! Some are already completed but I haven't yet... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 547 Views 5 Follows Oct 10, 2021 RustyFerro
E-Sports novels that I really love! And finished reading. I will give them my own ratings and comments as to why I love/like/don't like them. 
4 Series 0 Comments 635 Views 1 Follows Oct 9, 2021 starxysky
Full-omegaverse recommendations.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 502 Views 3 Follows Oct 7, 2021 roastedmilktea
sh*t that is so funny it's got me wheezing at 3am hNGSLDFKJDFS
7 Series 0 Comments 825 Views 0 Follows Oct 4, 2021 __BlackFox__
No description.
Rampage Debut
14 Series 0 Comments 714 Views 1 Follows Oct 3, 2021 Rampage Debut
A mixed bag of some of the interesting novels that I read, not adhering to a particular genre. Just like a kaleidoscope, you can see... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 275 Views 0 Follows Sep 30, 2021 AkaneSS
Continuing part 3 of this series. Links of part 1 & 2 will be added at a later date. HE strictly as this proclaimed crybaby... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 113 Views 0 Follows Sep 23, 2021 Plotbunnies
Peach Blossom luck
18 Series 0 Comments 1879 Views 4 Follows Sep 19, 2021 Ello_Stupid
Here is a list of the best historical and cultivation BL novels. I am a picky reader and as usual my list is consisted mainly the completed novels as i don't have patience in waiting for new chapters of the ongoing one. Therefore I only read completed novels. the ranking is completely based on my liking.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1123 Views 3 Follows Sep 19, 2021 Hellios
Masterpieces from my own point of view. ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 1450 Views 7 Follows Sep 17, 2021 lingkyang
I don't like too much drama or backstabbing stories, so these are a collection of novels that brought me joy. Also most importantly a happy... more>>
20 Series 1 Comments 2534 Views 10 Follows Sep 14, 2021 Ello_Stupid
The rank is mainly based on my personal preference und top 20 out many bl novels I read. All of these are worth recommending. I promise , you wouldn't regret choosing to read from this list, though i am not sure if its your cup of tea. the list is tagged with all kind of genre. eg; Historical , Political, Gaming , Cultivation , ABO , Fantasy , Modern, School , Transmigration etc. ... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 4381 Views 30 Follows Sep 10, 2021 BanniNotBunny
I have found these amazing bl novels which I found has very less popularity. All of these worth the read. ... more>>
63 Series 2 Comments 13817 Views 35 Follows Sep 2, 2021 Crimson_scarlet
I will only include the one's that made me stick through thick and thin. Mostly no romance, if it's harem then you should expect that the MC is just using them for greater benefits. I don't like DUmb characters so you should also expect that most of the Male leads here or Female leads are smart or sharp. half of my list also include survival and teaches you some bitter reality lesson unlike those cliche novels that makes you scared or dream about nonsense fantasy stuffs that won't EVER happen in your whole lifetime.... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 5556 Views 23 Follows Aug 28, 2021 sammy_hammy
To summarize, I love strong and badass mcs, funny mcs, unique mcs. These stories had me hooked because i could look forward to many events while i was reading (very important!!! if i dont feel like theres much to look forward to, i'll soon b bored), and they kept me entertained for a long time ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 434 Views 0 Follows Aug 18, 2021 AkaneSS
Works that I have a leg in or an arm or entirely myself. ^^
88 Series 3 Comments 19959 Views 150 Follows Aug 11, 2021 Kyaaaaaaaaa
These BL's have left lasting impressions on me in the past years. This list includes the thriller/action/horror/mystery/crime genre. This list is apart of a series classified by genre (because I have too many novel to fit otherwise TT) ; other lists of this series include Ancient Setting novels and  Modern/Futuristic/Transmigration novels. I tried to include both known and unknown novels to give more diversity to the reading list. ... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 892 Views 3 Follows Aug 10, 2021 SpeedGirl
All translated BL novels you can find in wattpad
92 Series 0 Comments 4583 Views 5 Follows Aug 8, 2021 Raela
This is a list of modern novels that I am following or planning to read. I am a picky reader, so will keep changing and... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 262 Views 1 Follows Aug 5, 2021 Daiceburg
These novels either sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions or were just too addictive to put down QAQ and I think about them often.... more>>
39 Series 0 Comments 3259 Views 15 Follows Jul 30, 2021 ciel_annn
BL & BG... more>>
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