10 Series 0 Comments 936 Views 4 Follows Dec 1, 2019 Eyesfullofwonder
No drama , Great Story. You want to re-read each and every one of these
11 Series 0 Comments 2158 Views 2 Follows Nov 26, 2019 zen0
The best novels that I have read, better than the top novels in Series Ranking. The stories are great and I always immediately read them when they get updated.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1157 Views 7 Follows Nov 9, 2019 donaiseiyuu
Well rounded female characters and consensual romance. 
8 Series 1 Comments 3988 Views 9 Follows Oct 30, 2019 Lollidragon
These are the novels I found fun to read be it due to how sweet it was or how funny the character was brought to... more>>
34 Series 3 Comments 13832 Views 21 Follows Oct 26, 2019 guest9182
This is a list for my personal 0.1%. ... more>>
42 Series 4 Comments 4244 Views 3 Follows Oct 25, 2019 memed
list of novels that i have read or will read. they're mostly decent, but there are garbage as well. if you have any problem, go comment about it. the novels aren't in order, so you can read any one of the novels here and see if it's pretty good or absolutely horrendous.... more>>
Indera Atma W.
23 Series 3 Comments 20052 Views 35 Follows Oct 19, 2019 Indera Atma W.
1. the mc is an antihero 
2. the mc is a side/ mob character
68 Series 0 Comments 29430 Views 72 Follows Oct 9, 2019 crispyliza
A list with Japanese novels about villainous noble girls on their way to avoid their destructive fate, many with isekai/transmigration elements, in a historical fantasy setting (and sometimes the good old modern day world)... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 2061 Views 7 Follows Sep 25, 2019 Sycal
Want to share and recommend some chinese novels i like, also hope to find more interesting novels from other people :)
2 Series 0 Comments 1095 Views 0 Follows Sep 21, 2019 notyourmatcha
just a webco reference, HAHAHAHHA
81 Series 0 Comments 35291 Views 84 Follows Sep 20, 2019 Liune
Stories with great Plots, Female Protagonists, sometimes a short (trying to be non-spoiler) summary, raw/mtl links and reasons why I recommended it.... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 9124 Views 6 Follows Sep 18, 2019 madvil
With the constant novels that are completed, the translator give up or become garbage, it is hard to keep a fresh list of novel to check daily, but you got to do what you got to do... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 2432 Views 0 Follows Sep 16, 2019 Eclair_Aoi
Isekai'd in a world of Fantasy, continued living in a new world of magic but without game like setting.
15 Series 4 Comments 7276 Views 22 Follows Sep 9, 2019 VBS
List of JP Isekai WNs & LNs that are fun to read.... more>>
Lazy Lord
10 Series 0 Comments 3001 Views 1 Follows Sep 5, 2019 Lazy Lord
Here is the list of novels I find to be worth your time. See of you had already read it.
Lazy Lord
12 Series 0 Comments 4587 Views 3 Follows Aug 21, 2019 Lazy Lord
Main Protagonist is reincarnated to another world. Mostly with magic.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1804 Views 2 Follows Aug 14, 2019 Hathnuz
for those who like op and not too dumb mc but having trouble to find them.
24 Series 1 Comments 4924 Views 11 Follows Aug 9, 2019 Xiochtl
Still an incomplete list. These are Boy x Girl list (The list for LGBTQ+ stories is not yet up). The stories listed below, where the... more>>
18 Series 2 Comments 12340 Views 16 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Walensium
Need that starting from humble beginnings progressing to vast empires and kingdoms fix? Or a weak MC that grows with a small territory into becoming... more>>
79 Series 0 Comments 15736 Views 23 Follows Aug 7, 2019 JamieJJH
I avoid 95% of tragedy drama stories, I love weird, cute, funny, fantasy stories with over 50% having some form of romance, though there's one... more>>
Lumus Exmachina
25 Series 0 Comments 4545 Views 17 Follows Aug 7, 2019 Lumus Exmachina
I have collected the few stories with reasonable & moral characters and character development. In most of these stories, the powers  MCs have are earned... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 7496 Views 11 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Mod
I reread the same novels over and over again so I might be insane. These are among the ones I