Carefree Protagonist

30 Series 0 Comments 1164 Views 2 Follows Feb 7, 2024 xxsan
Just chill and relax while reading the stories on this list. No need to use your brain cells and read with peace of mind. So damn tired of dramas on the other novels that it gaves me headache.... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1728 Views 13 Follows Dec 20, 2023 pink1268
She’s not like other girls haha. List will contain stories with spirits, systems, schools etc where normal people are scared or get destroyed the MC... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 2687 Views 6 Follows Nov 21, 2023 mutedsky
Anything I enjoyed and will read again w/reviews (mildly coherent rambling)
6 Series 0 Comments 1500 Views 1 Follows Jun 22, 2023 Arcana_448
Light Novels with easygoing plots.
13 Series 0 Comments 207 Views 0 Follows Apr 13, 2023 jcsoobin
Danmei/BL  - i come here after donghua and manhua
58 Series 1 Comments 11641 Views 43 Follows Aug 16, 2022 thebadgirl05
A compilation of transmigration or world hopping bl novels I've read or am reading.
98 Series 0 Comments 27213 Views 59 Follows Jul 3, 2022 teddycoolness
Craving dog food? Looking for some romance? Then, stop the souless search and check out this list!! You're welcome! From different genres, themes, BL and BG, hope there's something here for you! Enjoy! <3... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 6523 Views 20 Follows Jun 18, 2022 Miao-miao
Laid back female/male leads or both.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1728 Views 10 Follows Jun 1, 2022 walkingthepath303
Instead of following the typical archetype, these FLs show the full spectrum of human emotion. Gone with shyness, coquettishness, and pureness, these FLs are not... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 782 Views 2 Follows May 24, 2022 thequietclover
My personal faves as a new reader :)  This is a full list tracker I made casually and I have left my thoughts in there:
2 Series 1 Comments 1020 Views 8 Follows Jan 28, 2022 A.vera
These novels either have a pretty unique plot or character. Or they just make you think back to them a lot.
3 Series 0 Comments 767 Views 1 Follows Jan 22, 2022 heranyla
Longer novels from rec lists that, I think, are worth it. Will add more as I read.
14 Series 0 Comments 6434 Views 10 Follows Aug 29, 2021 ReadEmUp
Do as the Romans do. A modern protagonist who is reincarnated/brought into a fantasy world and just adapts to it. Some may have more ambitions than others but overall they are just happy/accepting with their new sword magic lifestyle.... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 19184 Views 19 Follows Apr 24, 2021 IdairaFP
This is a compilation of novels where the protagonist, man or woman, either for one reason or another, ends up adopting the body of an... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 4054 Views 14 Follows Apr 21, 2021 Wolvelyn
The books that made an impression on me. The ones that I still remember months, even years, later after I read it.
36 Series 0 Comments 28123 Views 52 Follows Feb 12, 2021 Tenshi-a
Just some good isekai and mmorpg light novels with female leads that I personally like.
12 Series 0 Comments 3338 Views 8 Follows Jan 11, 2021 nxtlvl
A mix of well-writen, enjoyable, or guilty pleasure stories in historical settings. Mostly imperial palace and xuanhuan. There may be minor spoilers in my comments.
18 Series 0 Comments 2889 Views 2 Follows Dec 24, 2020 MusicFromMiles
Novels that I stalk for updates. 
6 Series 1 Comments 2156 Views 1 Follows Jun 9, 2020 SamStrike
All the novels I have read, am reading and dropped. I have also left a FINISHED, ONGOING or DROPPED to tell my status in said... more>>
59 Series 0 Comments 5433 Views 7 Follows Jun 6, 2020 German
Novel’s I’ve read... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 3730 Views 3 Follows May 9, 2020 Kenb
Stories about noble girls who reincarnate as villainess, with long chapter. Hope you enjoy the long chapter
13 Series 0 Comments 6151 Views 6 Follows Apr 11, 2020 Inayah
Just listing out the ones I have read and liked
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