Demon Empress
20 Series 14 Comments 5777 Views 17 Follows Nov 17, 2021 Demon Empress
I only have masterpiece novels here. I have completed every novel on this list. There is no particular preference for Novels to be added to this list, that's because what matters to me is quality.  ... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1484 Views 11 Follows Nov 9, 2021 SaintJulia
No description.
31 Series 0 Comments 1468 Views 1 Follows Oct 14, 2021 D.luffy
The novel I have completed
52 Series 0 Comments 10712 Views 14 Follows Sep 17, 2021 Shatez
If you are new reader and thinking about what to read give this novels a try!
54 Series 1 Comments 13144 Views 16 Follows Aug 29, 2021 Riverspan
A compilation of novels I've enjoyed or recommend. From interesting reads to fast food novels to pass time. They aren't ranked in any particular order... more>>
4 Series 1 Comments 1115 Views 3 Follows Jul 27, 2021 nomnyanning
This is just a list of QT novels which manage to impress me to some level. Please keep in mind that I’m very picky, and this is my PERSONAL opinion.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1198 Views 4 Follows Mar 26, 2021 throughtheraine
Some of the completed novels I've read~ Not all are my favorite but I tried to sort it in order.... more>>
9 Series 1 Comments 2779 Views 4 Follows Feb 25, 2021 FabAsianZung
An injection of cultivation tr*sh a day keeps your brain cells away. Ahaha, it's not that bad actually - since this list is for the better than average cultivation novels.... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 10503 Views 16 Follows Jan 21, 2021 Inari
A list of historical BL stories (Xuanhuan, Xianxia, Wuxia, Cultivation, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Transmigration, Imperialism, Martial Arts, Ancient China, Supernatural) 
21 Series 0 Comments 1785 Views 1 Follows Dec 5, 2020 the-legendary-sword-the-mightiest goddess
Let's continue the treasure hunt for novel not ordinary ones but the fantasy ones! 
10 Series 0 Comments 559 Views 0 Follows Nov 8, 2020 passionfruit
Beautifully written BL novels (mostly wuxia) that either or all at once made me ... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 3268 Views 2 Follows Oct 24, 2020 merylstreepily
I love period dramas without the harem thing. I prefer strong independent MC type. The ML can’t be a pu*sy either just cuz MC is strong. ... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 4347 Views 11 Follows Sep 16, 2020 famous35
A list of good books which distinguishes themselves from the formulaic ones out there. If you enjoy reading books written with care and proper thought... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 2090 Views 7 Follows May 8, 2020 Misakikuro
My fav fantasy Cultivation BL novels that have amazing characters and plot and do not focus too much on the romance (except for some that... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 4793 Views 4 Follows Apr 19, 2020 Mightybatpig
My all-time favorite novels, I like a decent plot and worldbuilding, and good writing with xianxia elements. 
99 Series 0 Comments 11813 Views 27 Follows Apr 5, 2020 Suranchan
Just keeping everything in order. Most novels don't involve super scary horror.
18 Series 0 Comments 703 Views 3 Follows Mar 21, 2020 bear_cheers
books to get me introduced to the danmei/cnovel world!
30 Series 0 Comments 37235 Views 63 Follows Nov 12, 2019 raindroptree
My current reading list of my favorite BL(Boy Love/Boy x Boy) novels including System/World hopping(Isekai), Xianxia (Cultivation, immortals, Daoism), and General Fantasy in no particular... more>>
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