26 Series 0 Comments 2677 Views 9 Follows Dec 6, 2023 Niglia
The cultivation path towards immortality should be a cold and lonely one, but not this time.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 222 Views 2 Follows Nov 21, 2023 lottocat
powerless mortal women and their manipulation of untouchable otherworldly deities
28 Series 0 Comments 2872 Views 2 Follows Jul 30, 2023 Favorr
Rating from 0 to 10... more>>
42 Series 0 Comments 11922 Views 18 Follows Jul 26, 2023 Laraz
Completely translated novels set in ancient times or ancient China. All romance novels with different sub-genres. Some are a little vague with the setting, but... more>>
98 Series 11 Comments 19611 Views 100 Follows Jul 7, 2023 Sheri_Yui_Chan
Recently I have been back into my Chinese drama phase and I have noticed how many of my favorite novels have been adapted to drama so here we go listing all the source novels for these dramas. ... more>>
34 Series 0 Comments 2806 Views 6 Follows Jun 18, 2023 Danmei-Is-Life
Here are the list of Complete Danmei I've read. All are the best, none are below 4 stars. Highly Recommended
11 Series 0 Comments 3491 Views 3 Follows Mar 21, 2023 nightfox18
No BL, No Systems, No OP MC from start, ... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 943 Views 2 Follows Feb 18, 2023 thisonelikesdanmei
I've been reading danmei since lockdown back in 2020 and these are some of the novels that I read in no particular order (except for the first one bc MDZS got me into the danmei pit LOL). I've actually read too many to remember at once so I'll add them slowly one by one. ... more>>
8 Series 1 Comments 2649 Views 5 Follows Feb 16, 2023 khakha
Female protagonist novel that turn out become God/ Goddess Apostle directly or indirectly. If she is reincarnated person, at least she is reincarnated for doing... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 1454 Views 3 Follows Feb 15, 2023 y1zhen
danmei novels i read, in chronological order... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 3263 Views 5 Follows Feb 11, 2023 Juviafullbuster11
Male Protagonist only! Cultivation, game, mystery, immortality, etc.... more>>
67 Series 18 Comments 31717 Views 64 Follows Nov 16, 2022 Jaden875
This is it, yal already know... more>>
14 Series 3 Comments 15311 Views 41 Follows Nov 12, 2022 Just_some_otaku
All the High-to-God Tier Novels where the MC is pursuing immortality or invincibility at all costs and is willing to do anything to achieve it.... more>>
90 Series 0 Comments 14097 Views 29 Follows Nov 3, 2022 merylstreepily
I’m all for the romance! As long as there’s a spark between the two or the plot is just so out of the world good, they’ll be on this list. ... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 2972 Views 6 Follows Feb 8, 2022 Ella1018
This list contains novels which part of the dramas' adaptations I have watched, and some are pretty good too
Btw, i haven't read some of these novels... more>>
Demon Empress
53 Series 33 Comments 27673 Views 34 Follows Nov 17, 2021 Demon Empress
I'll be adding my own ratings for each novel on this list. The core of this list is the [S] rating. The rest are just additions.... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 2821 Views 2 Follows Oct 14, 2021 D.luffy
The novel I have completed(+ Mother of Learning)
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