91 Series 0 Comments 1838 Views 6 Follows Aug 8, 2022 Lovers0316
these are all completely translated ... more>>
13 Series 3 Comments 5648 Views 10 Follows Jul 3, 2022 CapybarasOKIPULLUP
Interesting stuff I'm keeping an eye on for updates (Not in order)
12 Series 0 Comments 2687 Views 2 Follows Jun 10, 2022 Lehiye
Magical professions only in the true sense. No Necromancer or Healer only wizards~
26 Series 1 Comments 4293 Views 18 Follows May 30, 2022 GGbookluver
Novels that have interesting plots.
47 Series 0 Comments 8146 Views 36 Follows May 11, 2022 YouToon
List is under construction. New stories will continue to be added.  All will have reviews soon.... more>>
31 Series 1 Comments 18041 Views 27 Follows Apr 25, 2022 dragonlord1411
Some are cliché. Some are original. Some are in-between. Anything goes as long as it is in my taste.
27 Series 5 Comments 10246 Views 54 Follows Apr 13, 2022 absenior19
I am searching for novels. Where mc is Cold, Ruthless, Rational, Pragmatic, Evil- if possible.No Romance, No s*upid MC or SIMP [ a big NO NO ]. No need to help others [ why help? ]. He need to be like human being, greedy selfish and so on [ maybe i just wanna see negative emotions or just people with ambitions as they are compared like that mostly ]. I don't wanna read some romance or lover or harem or anything related story. I want it to be fight, schemes,betrayal, a novel where you can see mc is really smart and is using his brain.... more>>
Xiao Ninger
76 Series 6 Comments 23447 Views 59 Follows Apr 9, 2022 Xiao Ninger
Les romans que je considère comme les meilleurs parmi tous ceux que je lis, il y en aura de tous les genres (presque) je n’ai... more>>
red bean bread
41 Series 0 Comments 3415 Views 17 Follows Feb 25, 2022 red bean bread
Unlimited flow world-hopping survival BL~~
6 Series 0 Comments 2682 Views 2 Follows Feb 22, 2022 Urbesthoe
Cry your eye out
46 Series 0 Comments 2239 Views 0 Follows Feb 22, 2022 Valleta
A collection of novels that I'm done reading, mostly fantasy. Ongoing and completed.... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 3088 Views 5 Follows Jan 29, 2022 SongYi3232
Mainly my checklist of novel i read... more>>
71 Series 0 Comments 39945 Views 84 Follows Jan 6, 2022 Wandrer
READ THE TAG! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! NOT FOR faint hearted ppl! Almost no plot. Adult,mature,smut,papapa.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 1331 Views 1 Follows Nov 30, 2021 clarrr721
Sad story with or maybe without sad ending... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 169 Views 0 Follows Nov 30, 2021 novelmania299
Ongoing or completed books in my pending list
9 Series 0 Comments 4076 Views 8 Follows Nov 20, 2021 LiterallyNobody
This list is about MLs who under gone deep traumas that makes them feel undeserving of FLs. And this is about FLs who will do... more>>
void 213
17 Series 0 Comments 4355 Views 3 Follows Oct 8, 2021 void 213
This list got a bunch of everything as long as i like it (some novels you need to be brain dead to read but it’s fun)... more>>
void 213
5 Series 3 Comments 2914 Views 6 Follows Oct 8, 2021 void 213
What can I say I love evil mc that are power focused 
8 Series 0 Comments 2296 Views 9 Follows Oct 4, 2021 riida
A list of worthwhile titles with at least one brilliant aspect, making them far more memorable than almost everything else around here, but at the same time one glaring fault, which stops them from entering my "Above And Beyond All" list.... more>>
Daoist Ghoul
51 Series 16 Comments 26401 Views 69 Follows Sep 19, 2021 Daoist Ghoul
Here is the list of the best translated novels you can find, be it Japanese, Chinese or Korean. (This list is based on my taste and subjective opinion and our opinions and taste might differ). Although I tried to rank it, but you should READ all these novels nevertheless, that's a MUST. ... more>>
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