Shoujo-Ai Subplot

39 Series 0 Comments 254 Views 0 Follows Mar 20, 2024 Sadahiko
Just a fluffy girl x girl story. maybe a little drama and angst along the way. Don't worry. All of the story is completed. The story is... more>>
14 Series 1 Comments 3403 Views 18 Follows Sep 6, 2023 fewachan
My favorite ancient and modern Chinese GL / Yuri novels, these are sweet, fluffy, hilarious and slapping green tea in the face. I absolutely recommend.
57 Series 2 Comments 6741 Views 19 Follows May 29, 2023 tiredera
A collection of GL novels I’ve found, also hoping someone picks them up and provides a better translation (please tell me if you do pick it up). ... more>>
61 Series 0 Comments 3232 Views 3 Follows May 24, 2023 vvcastell
Reading novels and leaving some thoughts. This is not very deep, mostly to keep a record of the novels that I have already read. Some... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 496 Views 2 Follows Sep 15, 2022 3dollar_swaeg
So yeah, it's been a long time since I've read most of these so I can't really remember them starkly. Some of them were really good while some others were not as good but I still read them, so yeah. ... more>>
72 Series 0 Comments 26598 Views 54 Follows Jul 10, 2022 Alaa979.
No description.
10 Series 0 Comments 1738 Views 0 Follows Apr 12, 2022 RubySakurako
p2r list
Kuroba Shikake
16 Series 0 Comments 4702 Views 8 Follows Jan 12, 2022 Kuroba Shikake
Just a bunch of novels I put together in a list for easy viewing. Also for not forgetting it exists and falling in a painful state of "What novel was that again? You know, the one where this does that???" ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 865 Views 0 Follows Dec 21, 2021 Nano-chan
11 Series 0 Comments 4211 Views 19 Follows Dec 13, 2021 DrunkReader01
stories in which gender roles are reversed, etc.
43 Series 1 Comments 12764 Views 16 Follows Nov 2, 2021 ilLUMIAnated
This list would be filled to the brim with isekai novels that I personally have enjoyed reading at some point. There is no other point of judgement and I might even add non-isekai stuff that I find interesting.... more>>
65 Series 26 Comments 17429 Views 78 Follows Oct 7, 2021 Stripedhatbecomesgay
I probably haven't put all of the in here. Also, if you want to read yuri manhwa, manhua, and comics you should search up MangaDex... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 16899 Views 30 Follows Aug 5, 2021 RubySakurako
This is my recommendation of Female Protagonists and/or Yuri/Shoujo Ai LN/WN. Keep in mind i'm not that interested in dark series, so don't expect much... more>>
hanna duarte
2 Series 0 Comments 311 Views 0 Follows Jun 10, 2021 hanna duarte
Qualquer coisa que tem gente morrendo 
59 Series 1 Comments 8488 Views 19 Follows May 20, 2021 Nisawastaken
34 Series 0 Comments 28216 Views 44 Follows Mar 18, 2021 askryuzaki
Here's your order~
59 Series 3 Comments 20044 Views 42 Follows Mar 17, 2021 LL121
Yuri and GL Novels I've read so far... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 8378 Views 15 Follows Mar 8, 2021 mochawyuu
Alternative to doing illegal deeds just do some good reading deeds :] ... more>>
40 Series 3 Comments 12934 Views 54 Follows Feb 16, 2021 askryuzaki
Looks like you've coincidentally stumbled upon this list. Not into Yaoi? (I'm into Yuri) How about Smut? Oh, not h**ny I guess. Maybe the colossal... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 2791 Views 7 Follows Dec 11, 2020 MadGhostOfBrownHollow
Historical/Political novels I’m currently reading w gay romance! Hope you find some you’ll enjoy!^^
38 Series 0 Comments 27860 Views 72 Follows Dec 6, 2020 Beauxite
This list does not and will not contain gender bender and/or women with d**ks(f**anari) themed novels since I'm not really into that genre.
38 Series 0 Comments 5794 Views 16 Follows Nov 9, 2020 Dayang_Dyan
modern setting, ancient setting, some transmigration and pursued villainess
15 Series 0 Comments 3883 Views 4 Follows Oct 21, 2020 prongsletaelin
Girl-love stories which I've read/ would read. Stories with female protagonists in a romantic relationship.
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