Shoujo-Ai Subplot

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It's yuri, what else do you need to know? Most of it's isekai stuff but some aren't. Some of them have Yuri as the main... more>>
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Just here to make a list about girl on girl action. I'll add on to this list novels that I found decent or interesting that... more>>
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My recommended Completed/Ongoing reads described using words that would describe food. And yeah, actual food.
This list was produced with BoysLove, slash, gay, yaoi, shounen Ai. And cross-contaminates with open LGBTQ+ if the protagonist/male love-interest uses male pronouns but say, their a sentient object.... more>>
Yandere Devil
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My Favorite Best Ancient or Modern Chinese Yuri Novel. Recommended This Good GL Novel. Sweet, Fluffy And Hilarious GL Novel.