Virtual Reality

69 Series 0 Comments 4338 Views 26 Follows Sep 12, 2023 teddycoolness
With e-sports being such a popular genre, I thought I should create a rec list for it. This list includes online gaming, video games, and game streaming. ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1016 Views 6 Follows Aug 11, 2023 SleepyTy
Novels where the mc and ml meet online. Also for me to keep track of what I completed and what I want to reread.
3 Series 0 Comments 695 Views 2 Follows Aug 6, 2023 reiji3
Revenge, rebirths, virtual reality and so on.
Coffee for this Fujoshi
19 Series 0 Comments 2434 Views 19 Follows Jul 30, 2023 Coffee for this Fujoshi
List of E-sports/Gaming danmei that I've read/been reading/yet to read. It's based on my own preference so the onces at the top have satisfying fluffy... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 3654 Views 3 Follows Apr 27, 2023 Eclair_Aoi
Fantasy Novels about VR Games and/or  where in the real world has changed to a Fantasy world. A world with Towers, Dungeon, and Game settings.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1610 Views 8 Follows Apr 26, 2023 BravingtheWaves
[work in progress, no particular order]
7 Series 0 Comments 1983 Views 11 Follows Feb 21, 2023 enelkyu
[STRICTLY BL] Male × Male Protagonist. Some are currently adapted to manhuas and donghuas. All series are COMPLETED. Please manage your expectations.
100 Series 8 Comments 5924 Views 20 Follows Sep 5, 2022 Epythymy
Sharing several years of my reading experience.... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 7590 Views 6 Follows Sep 1, 2022 Alabaster
This is a list of all the novels that have a game system of some kind that I have read over the years. I will give some quick thoughts, how far I have read, and a rating so far.... more>>
17 Series 8 Comments 5444 Views 41 Follows Jul 28, 2022 Insideofadoge
Stories of people in a modern setting who raise or support a game character—but CRAZY TWIST they’ve actually been helping a real person in another world!!... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 10813 Views 13 Follows Jul 13, 2022 AGlitchGnome
No description.
15 Series 0 Comments 11806 Views 23 Follows Jun 20, 2022 QuinnaRose
A list about Novels where the Main character (or a System) creates a Virtual Reality Game in Another World and Players from Earth play it. Also includes Novels that have a similar theme. ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 388 Views 0 Follows Jun 14, 2022 CustardBuns
Just a list of things I'm currently reading ❤
14 Series 0 Comments 2813 Views 5 Follows May 15, 2022 crayole
To be honest, I'm a pretty weak-hearted reader and can't stand extended prolonged tension but still loves a good action-packed, on-the-edge-of-your-seat moment so here we are.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 1270 Views 10 Follows Apr 20, 2022 bluetwister
Mostly about those of e-sports, MMORPG, and virtual reality~
Lin Lat
99 Series 0 Comments 7616 Views 33 Follows Apr 13, 2022 Lin Lat
A Collection of Chinese yaoi and shounen-ai in various genres. All of them are in Alphabet orders not ranked. 
Hope you guys find something to... more>>
12 Series 3 Comments 7650 Views 15 Follows Apr 9, 2022 Toonyop
Isekai but with a little twist and a dash of originality
17 Series 0 Comments 394 Views 2 Follows Mar 12, 2022 J.A.M.
It all contains boy's love in showbiz world or modern era.
83 Series 1 Comments 10356 Views 13 Follows Mar 4, 2022 Ana_94
It's about the time when an ordinary girl addicted to a romantic novel on a wattpad becomes in love with a translated novel. It's been 6 years after all. How amazing there are so many different genres, different types of MCs, not all about love and not all about good people or heroes.... more>>
100 Series 1 Comments 7600 Views 29 Follows Feb 23, 2022 Yunshengxun
For my future self.
To reread.It has all the novels whether i lived them or not but i droped some(are in my dropped-readlist). ... more>>
This person is dying
5 Series 0 Comments 1148 Views 4 Follows Feb 18, 2022 This person is dying
Pure love just means boy love.... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1492 Views 2 Follows Feb 3, 2022 ShyGuacamole
world sitting  is in a game where you can feel and touch everything 
30 Series 4 Comments 10386 Views 11 Follows Jan 13, 2022 Ethrox
The best fantasy/game elements novels (in my opinion)... more>>
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