Caring Protagonist

5 Series 2 Comments 317 Views 3 Follows Aug 1, 2022 trinketbestboi
KR RoFan's with FLs I love. I'm really into "Jane Austen" level of gentle and kindhearted protagonists who come into their own as the story progresses, finding their strength, finding their voice, and learning lessons along the way (alongside their preferably equally kindhearted MLs)... more>>
Thousand Miles Icefield
74 Series 2 Comments 8891 Views 88 Follows Jul 22, 2022 Thousand Miles Icefield
You're at the right place if... more>>
69 Series 0 Comments 8969 Views 18 Follows Jul 3, 2022 teddycoolness
Some romance novels for us, otakus, are a great way to pass time and it helps relive our stress. If you are bored and are looking for some great romantic, fluffy time-passers, you have come to the right place. Hope there's something here for you! Enjoy! :)... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 540 Views 0 Follows Jul 2, 2022 Alesea
The best chinese novels for me will be listed here.
24 Series 1 Comments 4573 Views 57 Follows Jun 28, 2022 kingeddie
novels where the mc finds their person and decides to give them the world ... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 879 Views 0 Follows Jun 24, 2022 Alesea
I love fluff, so here we go ♡~
4 Series 0 Comments 1386 Views 3 Follows Jun 22, 2022 Alesea
My all time favorite korean novels will be listed here. I made this to make it easier for me incase I want to reread it.
42 Series 1 Comments 6159 Views 35 Follows May 21, 2022 kingeddie
fls that i love so much because they are so dumb that it's so cute. ... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1200 Views 7 Follows May 7, 2022 mimic
just as the list name says. Main characters that actually push the plot forward and don't stall because of annoying cliches like misunderstandings, stubborn sub-villains, romantic love interest sub plot, emotional constipation, etc.... more>>
30 Series 5 Comments 17133 Views 28 Follows Mar 14, 2022 Amatya
I like sane, smart and scheming characters. ... more>>
Black Dove
46 Series 0 Comments 18868 Views 83 Follows Feb 26, 2022 Black Dove
All the cute, adorable and sweet romance novels I have ever read which I was really satisfied about. So satisfied, some I read through machine... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 3255 Views 35 Follows Feb 22, 2022 AutumnSugar
Female protagonist who I think are cool and are generally more dominant in the relationship.
20 Series 0 Comments 1514 Views 6 Follows Feb 20, 2022 Nemira
Most of the novels on this list are about beautiful and
sweet love stories. In addition to love, there are stories with fantastic,
historical and... more>>
Minamoto Mizuki
91 Series 0 Comments 16035 Views 21 Follows Feb 20, 2022 Minamoto Mizuki
the Romcoms that I like
16 Series 0 Comments 5818 Views 24 Follows Jan 4, 2022 trinketbestboi
Exactly what it says on the tin. KR RoFan novels that I just adore. Mind you, I love a good misunderstanding, doting ML, sweet FL, and pain/angst that rewards readers with fluff!... more>>
37 Series 0 Comments 5491 Views 22 Follows Dec 29, 2021 Xi-hime
The stork come bringing a little bundle of joy, sometimes a couple budles of joy.... more>>
22 Series 2 Comments 5590 Views 47 Follows Dec 18, 2021 YUYUGOO
27 Series 0 Comments 9654 Views 30 Follows Dec 5, 2021 sheenachandrab
A collection of warm novels with zero toxicity that will act as a respite for your lonely heart, cure your depression and restore your faith... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 1802 Views 4 Follows Nov 29, 2021 allix-a
Novelas Danmei con finales felices ❤
35 Series 0 Comments 19893 Views 68 Follows Nov 3, 2021 TheEthicalCorrupt
Because we simp over ML's tragic backstories again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
23 Series 2 Comments 11010 Views 49 Follows Nov 2, 2021 NatLaw
This rec list contains all the novels I have read and considered of high quality in one way or another. Pattern could be seen among the novels I've picked that is that these novels contains non-obnoxious MC, satisfying (to a certain extent) plot, good translation, focus mainly on MC and such. Though I highly rated these novels, there is no guarantee that this list will satisfy all the readers, that is because a good story is a story that provides what the readers wanted or needed. No YAOI/BL elements in the slightest. ... more>>
27 Series 6 Comments 2293 Views 6 Follows Oct 23, 2021 bomiriel
Stories that are really WORTH your time, coming from a long time novel reader and a picky one too ;) ... more>>
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