Reincarnated in Another World

9 Series 0 Comments 691 Views 6 Follows Feb 26, 2024 WillingToFly
They do be as rare as unicorn. Also hollywood and popular media are wrong and I think everyone will look better with glasses. ... more>>
11 Series 1 Comments 2440 Views 21 Follows Feb 21, 2024 Annalove
Mcs that are misunderstood by everyone. ... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 519 Views 1 Follows Feb 13, 2024 chande
This list was continuation of my other list with the same name.
36 Series 0 Comments 5022 Views 35 Follows Jan 16, 2024 LittlePotato
After reading on NovelUpdates for 7+ years, this is my ongoing list of novels that were actually worth my time. I will mark which novels are for casual reading or not worth re-reading.... more>>
Zena Chan
3 Series 2 Comments 986 Views 3 Follows Dec 23, 2023 Zena Chan
Second part of Isekai Fantasy | #1 list. ... more>>
Zena Chan
100 Series 0 Comments 11907 Views 18 Follows Dec 23, 2023 Zena Chan
A collection of the isekai fantasy stories I have read till now. These are the ones I still remember. Although some might be mid but i have read them and many of these are amazing. You should give them a try. Also, This list is only to make it easier for you and me to find isekai stories. ... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 2302 Views 13 Follows Dec 14, 2023 Cixivy
just see the tags and read the description completely so you not regret it... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 511 Views 0 Follows Nov 20, 2023 133monarch
No description.
70 Series 2 Comments 19801 Views 63 Follows Oct 24, 2023 average_undead_reader
Isekai novels with male protagonists without the harem trope. Books preferably without age gaps ot in*est of any kind.
67 Series 2 Comments 9167 Views 44 Follows Oct 10, 2023 Cixivy
The first list already full so makes this one. Just see the tags. There still some novel in my bookmarks chrome that yet i move here. Will be updated slowly..... more>>
41 Series 0 Comments 12309 Views 24 Follows Oct 9, 2023 needssomesleep
Male protagonists. Transmigrated/Reincarnated into a novel as the Villain. Mostly Fantasy Action/Adventure novels. Aristocracy & Nobility. Most have manhwa adaptions. ... more>>
42 Series 0 Comments 6628 Views 6 Follows Oct 2, 2023 blacklotus__
includes fanfiction novels (mostly chinese) with some descriptions (cause I'm lazy)... more>>
39 Series 0 Comments 7555 Views 32 Follows Sep 28, 2023 solorrr
chinese relaxing novels i have read, will read, or currently reading.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 114 Views 0 Follows Sep 27, 2023 wickedyato
I'll probably have more GL and a straight novel where the story interested me or I liked the female protagonist, maybe I'll have another horror... more>>
24 Series 0 Comments 2593 Views 21 Follows Sep 21, 2023 GreenTeaBag
MC that end up in a novel/different world. No system or arcs.
100 Series 3 Comments 23944 Views 90 Follows Sep 21, 2023 Cixivy
Just see the tags.. Only add Complete novel (translated or MTL), and no BL/GL. There still some novel in my bookmarks chrome that yet i move here..... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 3250 Views 25 Follows Sep 13, 2023 Nansands
The holy Trinity is here!! And here is my review to some of the novel that i already read.... maybe not all the novel is some sacraficing MC and just my favorite haha and still continued on list to read. Oh! And in the preview.... it was just my blabering ahahaha, and i know for sure that some of you dont understand my english.... it was really bad ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 2783 Views 8 Follows Aug 13, 2023 Len_
Done, currently reading, and dropped.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1205 Views 3 Follows Aug 11, 2023 KezzyK
These are the Manhwa I’m reading in which the protagonist has been reincarnated. I would recommend to read these in the Manhwa format, the list is done in no particular order. I have provided my personal definition of reincarnation below for those that are confused.... more>>
45 Series 0 Comments 10401 Views 32 Follows Jul 13, 2023 Sienna97
Another VERY subjective list! In case it's not obvious, I've been reading A LOT of CN Romance lately! Recommendations are always welcome! The rating is based on Story > Characters. Check out my others lists here:... more>>
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